Essays on Market Commonality and Resource Similarity Assignment

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The paper "Market Commonality and Resource Similarity" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Market Commonality is the number of different marketplaces in which it involves direct competitors. It deals with the level of significance every entrant provides to the market. Resource similarity deal with how the every of the company’ s assets both concrete and intangible evaluated. Generally, three Google’ s principal products comprise the search engine google. com which localized in a number of nations and states; the apps market which comprises Google Docs, Google Calendar, Gmail, and other assorted apps such as talk and YouTube, Google Maps, Picasa, sketch up, reader, and Orkut.

They have also ventured mobile by developing mobile applications and started an open handset alliance. This was possible by persuading seventy-one companies. They developed an android mobile operating system which is the first open-source operating system (Google, 2009). Yahoo, on the other hand, has a dream to be the core of the client internet exists by providing custom-made and significant internet familiarity. It is also mainly a software corporation containing numerous internet-related products. Just similar to Google, Yahoo also works in diverse geographic borders and has diverse merchandise in its portfolio.

The market comprises end clientele. A number of the significant products are a yahoo search engine, custom-made familiarities like yahoo toolbar, my yahoo, yahoo homepage and yahoo local. The other group of products is application products, which comprises of, yahoo answers, yahoo groups, yahoo messenger, yahoo mail, and Flickr. It has also other informative products in a category of media products such as games, sports, movies, music, and travel (Gather, 2009). Google and Yahoo are very aggressive opponents. They have an outstanding market commonality in numerous goods and their marketplace.

To begin with, Yahoo has a search engine wide open to all, comparable to Google’ s search engine which is their main source of income. Subsequently, the mail-in yahoo is a web-based email product same as Google and provides nearly similar features and operates in the same geographic boundaries as of that of Google. Flickr a widespread photograph distribution product is a straight competitor to Google’ s Picasa (Gather, 2009). Microsoft functions in numerous geographic positions throughout the globe. It is mainly a software firm but has ventured into internet services and is behind goods in the market which is in opposition to Google.

Their market comprises end-clients, venture and organization the same as Google. Their products are Bing which is search engines same as Google. com and Microsoft ad center a direct challenge to Google’ s Ad Sense. In the category of application products, we have Windows and a variety of project grade paraphernalia like Azure, Dynamics, Visual studio, Silver light e. t.c. among others (Google, 2009). Apple Company mainly deals with hardware.

It has existed in approximately one hundred and five dissimilar firms and zone. Nevertheless, they have developed outstanding software. Their operating system is the second most common in the globe today for desktops. They also are at the back the most admired Smartphone and tablet. They are mainly a group customer corporation nevertheless their goods are extremely well recognized in the venture world, in addition to some learning, and authority based establishments (Lenssen, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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