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The paper "The UK Household Cleaning Products Market " is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   The U. K. household cleaning products market has experienced significant growth over the years. The KeyNote Media Centre (2012) study shows that most Brits value the cleanliness of their homes. In fact, according to the Key Note Media Centre survey, it was found that about six out of ten Brits tidy their homes before the arrival of guests. The survey also found that almost eight out of ten Brits value maintaining their houses clean all the time while a further six out of ten Brits stated that the feel a sense of satisfaction when their houses they perform home cleaning services.

This implies that a large number of Brits use household cleaning products for house cleaning. Our company, therefore, which to take advantage of the growth prospects of household cleaning products in the U. K. by launching a new household cleaning detergent that will be sold under the brand name "Wiper. " The company, however, expects to experience stiff competition from some of the already established brands and the ones that are likely to emerge in the future.

Nevertheless, our main objective is to come up with a product line that will be highly appealing to the present generation of consumers. Accordingly, we have already assigned a team of professionals to lead in the development of product Wiper detergent from scratch. Goal The objective of this ad campaign is to convince the targeted consumers to purchase and use the “ Wiper” detergent, as well as make it the preferred household cleaning detergent countrywide. Target Audience Profile Analysis of the market for household cleaning detergent in the U. K.

has shown that the majority are active urban women. According to our market analysis, we realized that more than 70% of those who do house cleaning using detergents are urban women. Therefore, the primary target market for the ad campaign will be the women residing in urban centres aged between 18-40 years and with an income of more than £ 40,000 a year. This is because these women not only do house cleaning services frequently but also has enough disposable income to buy the Wiper cleaning detergent that we intend to introduce in the market for the first time.

We are also focusing on this target market because it is fast evolving with the U. K. increasingly becoming a highly multicultural nation. In this regard, the Wiper detergent will not only target a particular race but will target women of all cultural backgrounds. Accordingly, the magic word that we intend to use in the ad is the "multicultural. " The unique characteristic of urban women that make them a suitable primary target market for Wiper detergent is that they purchase household cleaning detergents for purposes of cleaning and nothing else.

Accordingly, they buy cleaning detergents which they strongly believe to be able to clean their houses without much effort and energy, notes, Logan (1997). Psychographically, we brand this target audience practical and environmentally conscious. According to our analysis, we have realized that urban women in the U. K. acknowledge that global warming is real and caused mainly by human activities and that the chemicals that they use in their households also contribute to the problem of climate change. Accordingly, they understand that the continued use of harmful chemicals will impact negatively on the future generation.

As such, they are looking for house cleaning detergents, which assure them of their health and environment protection.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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