Essays on Corporate Governance Strategy for Swimming Club Case Study

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The paper "Corporate Governance Strategy for Swimming Club" is a perfect example of a business case study. Successful corporate governance is crucial for a business desiring to set as well as meet its strategic goals. Corporate governance is the system by which companies and other enterprises are controlled. The Swimming Club basic purpose is to enhance as well as preserve the investments that created it; specifically, creating wealth, both in the short term and long term. Effective corporate governance may result in organisational success while bad governance results in business failure.

For this reason, it is imperative for the Swimming Club to formulate and sustain a system of governance. Without a doubt, technology is a key asset for nearly all organizations since it drives business processes (Kearney and Kruger 37). Given that technology has become integral to operations, Swimming Club must understand that inadequate system may obstruct the competitiveness as well as the performance of the company and make it vulnerable to legislation observance. For this reason, the Swimming Club needs to implement proper principles of governance that would apply to corporate governance. 1.2.0 Corporate Structure The structure of corporate governance integrates guidelines, policies and controls that steer the company toward its objectives while as well as meeting the needs of the stakeholder.

Normally, the structure is a combination of different mechanisms. The diagram below shows the organisational structure of the Swimming Club: Fig 1: Swimming Club Corporate Structure 2.1.0 Internal Corporate Governance Strategy The main sets of controls for Swimming Club stem from its internal mechanisms, and they monitor the activities as well as the progress of the organization and espouse measures when the company goes astray.

Besides that, the internal mechanisms maintain the larger internal control fabric of the company serving the corporation’ s internal objectives together with its internal stakeholders, which includes owners, managers and employees. Such objectives entail reporting lines that are clearly defined, smooth operations as well as performance measurement systems. In view of this, the internal corporate governance strategy consists of independent internal audits, oversight of management, corporate structure, segregation of policy and control development. 2.1.1 Executives 2.1.2 General Manager The General Manager main role involves managing as well as controlling Swimming Club business and routine operations so as to secure a substantial, continuous increase incorporate value for the company’ s shareholders.

It is the responsibility of the General Manager to make sure that the operations at Swimming Club are in line with the United Arab Emirates laws and regulations. Besides that, the General Manager makes the most important decisions in the company, and the decisions made must be recorded. Besides that, it is the responsibility of the manager to recommend the Swimming Club strategic direction as well as translate the existing strategic plans into business operations.

Furthermore, it’ s the role of the general manager to manage the company’ s financial, physical and human resources so as to realize the objectives of the company; to develop, execute and manage the company’ s internal control and risk management frameworks; and to develop as well as update organisational procedures and policies. Imperatively, the General Manager should be alert to important trends within the recreation industry as well as the company’ s operating environment.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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