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The paper "Analysis of a Vacant Position of an Administrator" is a great example of a management essay. The recruitment  process is the backbone of the Human Resource Department and is described as the procedure where qualified individuals are pooled together with an objective of obtaining a person who fits well in a job opening. A good recruitment strategy will indicate whether organizations will actualize their dreams and aspirations. Many organizations have adopted recruitment strategies in order to employ individuals who will earn the company substantial returns to their investment.

It is important to note that a successful recruitment strategy calls for an excellent planning process where many qualified individuals are attracted to apply for the job in the organization. Internal recruitment method Recruitment is usually conducted within an organization by means of promotions and transfer of present staff or through recommendations by existing staff members, acquaintances and relatives (Susan, 2006). An advantage attached to the internal method of recruitment is the low cost and fast pace of recruitment exercise. In addition, people already know the organization and how it conducts its daily activities.

With regard to motivating staff, internal advertisement through promotions provides members an opportunity to exploit their skills positively. In the same vein, a business establishment seeking to conduct an internal advertisement, already knows the strengths and weakness of the potential candidate thus can draft a workable plan of action to improve staff. Nevertheless, the internal method of recruitment limits the number of applicants since it will only select candidates from the present staff members. New productive knowledge and skills cannot be obtained externally as the method covers existing staff only. Competition for the same post in an internal advertisement may lead to conflict between staff members consequently pulling down productivity in a firm (McLean, 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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