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The paper 'Logistics Management - Apple Company" is a good example of a management case study. Logistics management is a vital area for the success of Apple. Inc, especially owing to its status and business function as a multinational company. According to Coyle et al. (2008, p. 6), the supply chain and logistics management are significant areas whose activities and their performance influence the success of a company. The success factor entails the creation of value to the different shareholders of a firm (Bowersox, Closs, and Cooper, 2002, p.

1; Kraemer, Linden, and Dedrick, 2011, p. 3; Dedrick, Kraemer and Linden, 2011, p. 505). Coyle et al. (2008, p. 14), introduces the concept of physical distribution involving the fields of transportation, warehousing, inventory control, packaging and material handling. The areas align with the discussion by Stadtler (2015, p. 7) where the supply chain system in the flow of products involves various individuals, organizations, and activities. Apple Inc operates with different manufacturers across 178 countries totaling over 100 manufacturing outlets with a majority of these located in China (Johnson et al. 2012, p.

6; (Clara, 2014, p. 1). The location of the production plants in China follows the cheaper labor costs compared to the US. Johnson et al. (2012, p. 6) identify the suppliers as the Koreans supplying raw materials for the Chinese manufacturers, especially the LCD panels. Once production is complete, the products enter a testing and review process that proceeds with packaging and distribution to the marketers. Apple works with both the retail and wholesale distributors to reach a wider consumer base (Kraemer, et al. 2011, p. 10). Moreover, the use of online outlets enables an easier interaction of the company with the direct consumer. Information flow includes the specification of relative areas within a system according to its particular needs (Bowersox et al.

2002, p. 45). Three areas falling under this field include the consumer, the availability of the inventory, and the level of urgency that is a function of both the individual logistics and the structure of the inventory (Bowersox et al. 2002, p. 45).  


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