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The paper "Strategic Management and Business Policy" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Corporate governance is a system of rules in which corporations are directed as well as managed. It entails a balance between the interest of the stakeholders in a company which is inclusive of shareholders, the executives, the shoppers, traders, government, sponsor, and society. Because corporate governance provides the structure for achieving the objective of the company, it includes nearly every scope of management from planning as well as the internal control to performance as well as corporate disclosure. Regulatory influences on public companies in Australia in relation to corporate governance Most of the appropriate source is corporation Act 2001 published by the Australian Securities and investment commission (ASCIC), the listing policy of the ASX, a corporation’ s constitution, and common law.

The principal legislative foundation of corporate governance e in Australia is the corporation Act. The policy supplement the company’ s Act. ASIC manages the corporation Act and publishes regulatory manuals that deal with corporate governance matters. The guides are recommended, setting out comprehension of ASIC as well as its explanation of appropriate legislation.

Corporations are guaranteed by the authorized listing rules of ASX, normally considered as listing rules correspondingly. The common law entails rules concerning corporate governance. Furthermore, numerous regulation entails provision for liabilities affecting corporations or the company directors income Ares that impact governance systems, specifically where failures to execute enough systems to avoid damage is a basis for accountability. The approach is taken in the regulation of competition as well as consumer’ s safety, ecological safeguard as well as occupational health and safety. Whether Santos provides good governance About Santos Santos limited is an Australian company dealing in petroleum and gas exploration founded on 18th March 1954.

Santos is the acronym for the South Australia Northern Territory Oil Search. It comprises four business segments which are Western Australia and Northern Territory, Asia Pacific, Gladstone LNG (GLNG), Eastern Australia.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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