Essays on Development and Appliance of New Methodologies of Management Assignment

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The paper "Development and Appliance of New Methodologies of Management" is a delightful example of an assignment on management. In the following report, there has been developed a detailed and analyzed report on the best methods that one can follow in group work, what helps in the development of these methods, through the conduction of various surveys, and then analyzing the data that is thus collected. Introduction: By the term Motivation as given in Business Dictionary BNET people would be willing to perform to their full ability for the success of the organization and that would include creating favorable working environments and stimuli and incentives. Motivation could be considered as the main force that would be enabling the managers to get the best from their team.

There has been a shift from the motivation that has been shown by Frederick Winslow Taylor's scientific management and that had included an appropriate climate in the company to be created and meeting the need of the employees. There has been widespread acceptance of the fact that only conditions for motivation could be created rather than personally motivating others.

The motivation factor would be depending on the individual needs of the person and these factors may not be similar for every person. There would be some persons who would be motivated to work for the thought of getting paid at the end of the day. The research study has shown that the unskilled workers would be motivated by the factor of the getting paid and that could be used for feeding the family. The skilled workers would be having the necessary qualification and they would be motivated by other factors.

The normal factor that motivates a skilled worker would be job satisfaction and the workers who would be enjoying the work would be motivated to deliver the highest quality possible. The following is a report on the development and appliance of new methodologies of management in ensuring that there are greater motivation and cooperation in the workplace.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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