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Action Learning Report. Abstract: In the following report, there has been developed a detailed and analyzed report on the best methods that one can follow in group work, what helps in the development of these methods, through the conduction of various surveys and then analysing the data that is thus collected. Introduction: By the term Motivation as given in Business Dictionary BNET people would be willing to perform to their full ability for the success of the organization and that would include creating a favourable working environments and stimuli and incentives. Motivation could be considered as the main force that would be enabling the managers to get the best from their team.

There has been shift from the motivation that has been shown by the Frederick Winslow Taylor's scientific management and that had included an appropriate climate in the company to be created and meeting the need of the employees. There has been wide spread acceptance of the fact that only conditions for motivation could be created rather than personally motivating others. The motivation factor would be depending on the individual needs of the person and these factors may not be similar for every person. There would be some persons who would be motivated to work for the thought of getting paid at the end of the day. The research study has shown that the unskilled workers would be motivated by the factor of the getting paid and that could be used for feeding the family. The skilled workers would be having the necessary qualification and they would be motivated by other factors. The normal factor that motivates a skilled worker would be the job satisfaction and the workers who would be enjoying the work would be motivated to deliver the highest quality possible. The following is a report on the development and appliance of new methodologies of management in ensuring that there is greater motivation and cooperation in the work place.

This has been carried out through the conduction of various questionnaires, and surveys and then there has been reached various conclusions on the basis of these various surveys as to how can there be increase in the productivity of various personnel through adoption of various methodologies and by changing strategies in the management process.

Management has always played an important role in the administration of various organisation, and human management has over the years gained a lot of importance and it has been realised that that the management plays an important, but in some cases subtle, role in influencing how workers approached their team work, and how they felt about its assessment, guidance and supervision. The purpose of this is to ensure that this is carried out in a more economic manner. Purpose or Aim: The main agenda that is this report is trying to achieve is to discover the various factors or issues that help in the motivating the employees that are employed by an organization to grow and develop so that there is a more efficient and economic means of development of this resource and this would include a personally me.

There are various methods that were adopted in the collection of the data that is to be used in the development of these managerial methodologies. The information that was gathered was from, questionnaires that was given to my firends.

These various questionnaires and surveys that were conducted looked into the different factors that influence the human resources, such as the psychological factors, the behavioral factors, leadership qualities that are employed and other such issues. Personally I had looked into my diary and had chat with my friends. Methodologies adopted during the survey: The friends were asked individual questions and the intention of the questionnaire and study was described in detail as prescribed by Gatfield, 1999. The questions had covered the basic thing that would be motivating them to do the job.

Gebauer, Fleisch, 2005 had mentioned about maintaining the essence of the question that should be remained the same for each individual and it was kept so. The questions that were asked looked in to the various behavioral and personality patterns. Various interviews were carried out with the intention of ensuring that there was a in depth collection of data for the analysis. The questionnaire made inquires pertaining to the expectations that various individuals had to their jobs. These also looked into the various changes that were experienced in the working with the changes in the managerial policies that were adopted by organizations, firms, companies, etc. Psychological Patterns: The first factor that is considered in the study is the psychological factors that influence the various forms of working in the field.

Through the various questionnaires that were developed it was realized that these play an important role in the motivation of the individual, and that these have to be satisfied for achievement of better productivity. These psychological patterns were found to differ from person to person on the basis of personality, background, age, experience etc.

Thus, all these factors have to be taken into account while developing the managerial procedure. Behavioral Patterns: Another important factor that was found to be having influence of the motivational process was that of the behavioral patterns of both the employees as well as the managers (Behaviour Intervention Plans (BIP)). It was observed that with the adoption of various changes and intervention in the process there is experienced changes in the behavior of the employees. Observations Made: There shall now be enlisted the data collected and the observations that were made on the basis of this and the conclusions that were arrived at.

These shall be divided into two parts on the basis of which there shall later on be developed methodologies of better motivational procedures for management processes. Psychological Factors: The first important factor that was observed is that the ambitions of various people have a direct impact on the motivational capacity of the person. It has been observed through these various surveys that it is important that a person is ambitious for him or her to be motivated into working or performing better.

This is one of the most important factors as it has been observed that those who are ambitious can be easily motivated and there is observed a marked increase in their working output and productivity through motivational procedures but for those who are not ambitious, it is difficult to motivate such individuals into performing better. On personal frontI am motivated to get a job done on timeI am motivated to get the recognition of co-workers and top management. I am motivated to the getting the recognition of clients. I am motivated to the get new ideas on board. I am motivated by the cash factor to a certain extent.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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