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IntroductionTo answer this question we need to describe different stakeholders who have influence decisions and purposes in businesses. There is also need to describe how the styles they use help their organizations operate. There is also a need to view of different stakeholders as they seek to pose influence in their aims and objectives. This will be done by comparing two different companies so as to evaluate the influence different stakeholders have in their organizations. Comparison of stakeholders interest and influence Stakeholder of Apple Inc. What are the stakeholder’s interests in the business? How does the stakeholder affect the business? CustomersCustomers of Apple are interested in good service and good quality products for value of money and prices given. The business could be affected as customers could motivate the Apple designer and producers to produce better quality products and further research into cutting-edge technology. EmployeesThe employees of Apple Inc.

are very interested in the success of the company as their salary may rise or other work benefits may occur. Employees directly affect the company, as they are involved in producing and distributing the product. If the business is profitable and rising, they will then work more efficiently therefore increasing overall profits within the business. SuppliersThe suppliers have an interest in Apple Inc.

because if Apple sells more products, then more materials must be ordered to produce that product. By ordering more stock, suppliers gain more money. Suppliers affect the business by offering discounts on orders or giving other benefits if the business is succeeding and ordering in high amounts. OwnersThe owners and directors of Apple Inc. have the highest interest in the business, as it is their own and directly provides a budget for them. Directors and owners influence their company as they see fit.

They themselves produce the vision and leading of the company. Stakeholders of Range RoverWhat are the stakeholder’s interests in the business? How does the stakeholder affect the business? CustomersCustomers of range rover have the interest of receiving quality products from the company. This is because range rover is a renowned motor distributor of quality vehicles. Customers of range rover keep the company on toes to keep on improving the brands they produce. This makes the company invest in research and development. employeesThe employees of range rover ensure that the company’s products are of high quality so as to be able to compete with other companies. Therefore, the employees work towards producing quality and quantity products to cater for the range rover market. Suppliers Their main interest is to fight competition from suppliers of other major manufacturers.

The major suppliers of range rover have the immediate feedback from the customers through repairs and sales. Therefore, they are key to improving the company’s reputation. ownersTheir main interest is to ensure they main their current customers and increase their customers base.

The increased sales will ensure the global recession does not affect the operations of the company. The management and the directors have to operate within the current economic status. Therefore, they should be ready to adapt to any economic shocks that could affect the company. AIMS OF APPLE IncWith its excellent set up, Apple is committed towards bringing out the best personal computing experience to the students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the globe via its innovative hardware, software and internet offerings. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings. http: //drdianehamilton. wordpress. com/2011/01/13/top-10-company-mission-statements-in-2011/AIMS OF RANGE ROVERRange Rover focuses on delivering superior business outcomes and realizes this by aligning the whole organization around making profits, delivering quality and ensuring the customers are pleased and satisfied.

STRATEGIC PLANNING, MISSION AND VALUESStrategic planning within an organization entails the processes undertaken giving out big and excellent plans. The set plans entail crucial decision making processes and planning resulting to critical deliberations and plans that enable the organization realize its aims and objectives APPLE: Apple Inc.

delights in its mission statement resulting to diverse changes in the computer industry. Its mission statement is rather an outline of products: Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with iPods and iTunes online store while effectively defining its future within the mobile media and computing devices”http: //retailindustry. about. com/od/retailbestpractices/ig/Company-Mission-Statements/Apple-Inc--Mission-Statement. htmRANGE ROVER: The Range Rover mission statement aims at “developing a culture of ownership arising from the participation in the wealth of the company, build a competitive, profitable, ‘niche’ focused, integrated motor dealership group.

Achieve and sustain above average actual growth in both assets and earnings while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity with the staff and suppliers in order to delight in the customers”http: //www. landroverwaterford. co. za/THEDEALERSHIP/MissionStatement. aspxSTRATEGIC AIMS AND OBJECTIVES ORGANIZATION AIMS AND OBJECTIVESAims are long-term goals within an organization that mainly take place in given periods of between three to ten years. The aims are met in through the organization meeting its set objectives that can be termed short term targets within the organization.

APPLE is able to effectively outline and establishes its weak points and strongholds coupled with competition. This is critical in the realization of the company’s assets at their disposal and helps the company in setting workable aims. Examples of set aims include being compliant to the environment protection measures and ensuring they remain among the leading high technology brand in the world. RANGE ROVER: Range Rover is committed towards ensuring that the group remains attractive while at the same retaining intellectual capital aspiring for a committed sales making, service and growth excellence.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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