Essays on Advertising the Laneway Festival Assignment

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  The paper "Advertising the Laneway Festival" is a good example of an assignment on marketing. The successful launch of the Laneway Festival in South East Asia will be greatly determined by the marketing strategies and policies adopted for the Festival. In a nutshell, marketing involves planning and execution of pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas to satisfy a certain goal. In this case, we need to develop a plan through a promotion that we enable us to achieve the main objective of promoting the Laneway Festival in Australia and Singapore as required. Marketing mix for the Laneway festivals The marketing mix refers to a set of tools used to influence sales.

It involves the product, price, place, and promotion. The basic marketing strategy necessary for the Laneway Festival will involve combining these four elements into a marketing plan to make it very effective. The four elements are also called “ the 4Ps concept” (Kotler, 2003). For effective promotion of the laneway Festival both in Australia and Singapore, this concept has to be emphasized in the marketing strategy. Product A music festival is a service whose purpose is to entertain people.

This would create a good impression and experience in the minds of the visitors. Putting this in mind, the Laneway Festival should avail a very comfortable and good environment to make the visitors satisfied. This will be made possible by the performing bands at the festival. This means that the performing bands given the opportunity to perform at these festivals have to be the best. Price The price set for an event will determine whether a customer buys it or not. The Laneway festival should consider this factor when pricing their events.

It is therefore important to set the price not too high so as to attract as many people as possible. The price should also not be set too low since organizing such an event is accompanied by high expenses. Of course, we do not expect all these expenses to be covered by the entrance money since there is also funding from the sponsors. Place The choice of the venue for the festival to take place is equally important. This will apply to both the places set in Australia and Singapore.

Music festivals should be set in places where there are no problems in terms of a large number of visitors or with setting big music stages. Space is, therefore, a factor in this case. The event should also be in a place where there are no such events taking place in close surroundings. It can be advantageous to set the event in a central place that is connecting major cities, for example, a central highway. Therefore, people moving around this highway can simply be aware of the festival.

All these factors have to be considered for the promotion of Laneway festivals. Promotion Successful awareness for the south Asian Laneway festival and also the local events will be determined by the extent of promotion involved. Promotion involves the different ways used to attract people to visit the festival.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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