Essays on Airline Initial Strategic Plan Assignment

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Plan Objectives/strategies The aim and structure of this report will consist of four major sections which will facilitate a strategic direction to be suggested to Saram Airlines. These sections include; Examining the executive roles in creating this plan as well as the expected roles to make the plan successful. Analyzing Saram Airlines’ internal and external environmentUtilizing the internal and external results/analysis in selecting an efficient strategic option. Examining the appropriate policies regarding overall performance for the company and how to measure the performance of each objective. Company OverviewSaram Airlines is a global scheduled airline.

Beside, Saram Airlines will engage in other operation services like, local and global transportation of cargo and mails. In alliance with other global licensed airlines, Saram Airlines is expected to have 100 destinations which would carry more than 5 million passengers. This will give an expected average earning per year of about £2.8 billion for the next three years. Though recently there is a global economic recession that perhaps may affect the imminent industries, Saram Airlines’ future shows potential. The great importance here is to develop an executive body that will enhance efficient delivery of services as well as carefully driving the achievement of the main goal through a right strategic direction. Company’s Executives The top-down approach for the management (executive) team in Saram Airlines will integrate the all the functional areas of the organization.

These areas include; marketing, finance, Operations planning and administration. Saram Airline management team will comprise of three management bodies that will be responsible for implementing both the generic and the long-term strategic plans of the organization. Senior Management Team: The team is expected to collaborate with the planning team in ensuring that the grand strategies and the long-term goals and objectives are achieved within the stipulated time.

Department Leaders (HODs): Also, they are expected to collaborate with the planning team to define the short-term objectives of the company. They will play a big role in ensuring that the progress of strategic plan in achieving company’s mission is seen by all the stakeholders. Staff Level Leaders: The staff leaders will be responsible for ensuring that actions that apparently lead to attainment of department’s objectives are conducted in accordance to the action plan developed.

Three Key Objectives The proposed Saram Airline will have the following three objectives as the primary elements: To set up and run a new regional airline that aims at serving customers within the various states of Australia all the way northwards across the Pacific Ocean as well as global other destinations. To provide cargo and mail services in the three main passage categories; Both served and the unserved ways with high demands, serve key global markets that is poorly served by other airlines companies and gathering for the traffic demands especially during peak times. To achieve a NOP (net operating profit) in 5% range in the first year of flight operations, and annualize ROI (return on investment) of at least 45% on the subsequent year of operations that will enhance rational growth of the Airline later.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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