Essays on Airline Operation - The Global Airline Industry Assignment

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The paper "Airline Operation - The Global Airline Industry" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. Air industry is highly dynamic and competitive, and therefore organizations need to cope with the changes to sustain themselves in the market. To attain its development goals, Australia’ s international aviation sectors need to expand. For the past 20 years, Australian international aviation capacity grew by approximately 4.5 percent (Duval, D.T. , 2016). The current routes for Australian airlines are international routes to and from Sydney. This report analyses the market opportunity for Australian International Airline (AIA) which is currently operating on low-cost scheduled passenger flights using A330-200 airbus.

AIA wants to shift to full-time carrier service in the future, and therefore they require a new aircraft which is more appropriate for full-time services. This report is divided into two parts. The first part describes the characteristics of the recommended Boeing 787-9. Opportunities for increasing the frequencies of the existing routes are also highlighted together with possible new routes that AIA can utilize. Current major competitors of AIA are analyzed including their previous networks. Part two of the report is a proposal for AIA.

This proposal explains in detail in-flight and on-ground recommendations for Boeing 787-9 such as cabin configuration, entertainment, menu, and convenience. It also suggests the business strategy for AIA which will enable them to compete effectively in the market. For example, to build its brand in the air industry, AIA will have to invest in advertisement. Market analysis for the global airline industry is also included in this report indicating the main opportunities that AIA can take advantage of. The opportunities for AIA will be achieved when the airline engages on a full-time basis.

The research methodology for this study will be content analysis involving a review of written materials such as journals, books, and publications.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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