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The paper “ Black Sabbath - Album Analysis” is an original example of a finance & accounting case study. In 1968, the band black panthers changed their name to Earth, The rock band Earth had written a song, Black Sabbath, about a man facing the devil during the biblical apocalypse. To avoid confusion with another band named Earth, they called themselves Black Sabbath after the song: a link between heavy rock and the occult was forged. In 1969 the heavy Sabbath released their first album, entitled "Black Sabbath", on February 13, 1970, and immediately had a "cult" following in Britain as well as America.

It was released in April 2004. Ozzy and Black Sabbath played heavy, dark, almost evil tunes. Much in the same way Bill Monroe took elements of gospel and mountain music and created bluegrass, Black Sabbath did the same thing to invent heavy metal. Analysis Black Sabbath's debut album used the finest elements of then-existing heavy music, and added a little British blues, and mixed them together with creepy lyrics along with the most massive riffs ever used on the tape. They had eponymous numbers like "The Wizard" and "Wicked World, " this album undoubtedly was the beginning of heavy metal.

Tony Iommi's guitar riffs can be continuously found in the songs. The rhythm part of Geezer Butler along with Bill Ward has used things which are like jazz many heavy metal bands have tried to use the Sabbath formula. And although a lot of you who only think Ozzy acted in on reality, with Black Sabbath he'll scare the wits out of you and you will appreciate him doing so. In 1970, four Birmingham boys released their first album; it hit the top 10 in the UK and later on the top 40 in the US.

Black Sabbath had done a good job in their blend of sinister, scary rock and mythic lyrics which set the base for heavy metal. Many heavy metal bands were influenced by it ever since. The quartet -- Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward, and Ozzy Osbourne -- released 9 whole intensifying albums. Sabbath was savaged for a sound that few outside its fan base understood or appreciated.

Like virtually all heavy metal bands that would come after it, Sabbath was regarded as a blot on rock's increasingly progressive, politically aware soul.

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