Essays on Alton Towers, The Focus Of Which Is To Assess This Against The Ethical And Social Responsibility The Assignment

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Alton TowersIntroductionDated back to Victorian Period, Alton Towers were designed by Augustus Welby Pugin. Unfortunately it was closed with outbreak of war during 1939 and used by the Army, as Officer Cadet Training Unit. Until 1951, it remained under requisition then it was finally returned to the company. In 1980, Alton Towers became a theme park with the corkscrew ride. It became a part of the Taussaud’s Group (Alton Towers, 2005). It is located in the small village of Alton in Staffordshire. It is divided into several areas each area has their own specific theme which continues to the rides.

(“Alton Towers Mania, ” 2007). Alton Towers offers adventure and fun in which the whole family can enjoy. This includes rides which are open for all ages, Nemesis ride and the new oblivion attraction, a white knuckle ride, and a virtual reality cave game, the Ug Land, Haunted House and Ripsaw Ride and numerous thrilling attractions and rides were also offered. Recently they have redeveloped Toyland tours or the Farms with rides that are suitable for young ones. Traditional Fairground attractions are also present.

One can also enjoy rowing on the lake, take an aerial cable car ride, or enjoy walking in the garden (Alton Towers, 2005). This paper tackles the social, environmental, and cultural impact of the venue and ethical and social responsibilities that the venue managers are facing. Aims and Objectives of the ResearchIn order to undertake the study the students were ask to investigate social, environmental and cultural impacts of a venue and to assess this against the ethical and social responsibility that the venue manager are facing in his or her particular situation. ApproachField research and visit to the venue and surrounding area are required to undertake the research study.

To allow this to be achieved time has been set aside in the module. In this study, it is recognized that some students will visit their chosen venue during weekends or evenings while the others may visit during the day. This study was a desk-based research which entailed searches through local and national newspapers, market research and other intelligence to explore the effects of the venue on the locality. This study will search for the positive and negative impacts of the venue as well as the different problems encountered by a range of events that they may provide.

Venues of Alton TowersConference CenterConference Center situated between Alton Towers and Splash Landing Hotels offers a venue designed for various events. The Conference Center has space that can accommodate over 500 delegates, a theater style, and with 240 classroom cabaret style. For smaller meetings they have 8 syndicate rooms from 30-60 delegates, theater style. The largest room has a space of 549sq m. It has a main room that can be divided into three.

It has dedicated business Center, within the Conference Center is an exhibition space, a private lounge for refreshments during conferences, two interconnecting hotels and on the site audiovisual technicians and event management teams are present (Corporate Events at Alton Towers, http: //www. altontowers. com/events/venuesphp).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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