Essays on Success of Aman Resorts Company Assignment

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The paper "Success of Aman Resorts Company" is a great example of a management assignment.   Aman Resorts are one of the reputable luxurious hotels in the world. Aman resorts are a hotel group which has operations in various parts of the world. Started in 1988 by Adrian Zecha, Aman Resorts have grown to be a destination of great customer experience (Aman Resorts 2013, p. 1). The great customer service and the simplicity in the design are a key element of the resort group. Aman, meaning peace upholds a strategic organizational philosophy, the Aman Philosophy, which is based on three key elements; peace, uniqueness and family.

Ideally, a visit to any of Aman hotels leaves a guest with an experience of the three key elements. The cool and great location offers a peaceful experience to a guest, the great simple design has a unique feeling and the home environment gives a family experience. The following paper gives a case study of the Aman hotels. Q 1. Were there any external factors that allowed Aman resorts to be successful in the early years of the company? Aman Resorts was started in the year 1988 in Thailand.

Since then, the hotel group expanded fast within the Asia region and the global market. There are several external factors which made it be successful in its early years of operation. First of all, the resort gave their guest something of its kind in the market. The organizations did not just provide a hotel feeling to the guests, but instead, it provides them with a resort feeling; something which was not there in the market. For this reason, the hotel group did not have to deal with any intense competition in its early years since it was targeting an unexploited target market.

The founder of the hotel, Mt. Zecha had vast knowledge in the hotel industry which enabled him to give the hotel a table foundation (Sessia 2011, p. 3). In addition to this, his management style took keen of specific aspects in the hotels, for instance even in the arrangement of the flowers which made it possible for the founder to cultivate and develop a good organizational culture. The locations of the hotels were also strategic.

The founder handpicked these locations solely with the intent of ensuring that the hotel would be able to satisfy the specific needs of the target customers (Sessia 2011, p. 5). Lastly, the word of mouth marketing approach benefited the organization to a large extent. The customer loyalty which was developed as a result of this increase the number of return customers in addition to increasing the number of guests, hence enabling the resorts to generate more revenue. Q2. Did any external factors drive any changes in the way Aman did business over their lifetime? Over time, Aman had to change the way it did business in order to take into consideration the changes in the market.

One of the external factors which compelled Aman to change the way it did business was the changing customer expectations. Initially, the design of the villas and suites was simple (Sessia 2011, p. 4). It lacked the elegance lighting and the entertainment facilities which customers associated with reputable hotels. In order to take care of this concern, Aman placed entertainment facilities in specific rooms and parts of its resorts with the aim of satisfying the needs of the specific market which needed them.

Another external factor which made it necessary for Aman to change the way it operated was growth. Owing to the rapid growth which occurred in the organizations, the founder Mr. Zecha was no longer able to coordinate directly with the hotel managers. This called for a change in the management structure of the organization which saw the establishment of management level between Mr. Zecha and the hotel managers, the regional managers, who were responsible for the coordination of activities in the hotels which were located in their regions (Sessia 2011, p. 6).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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