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The paper 'Rupert Murdoch - Growth of the Entrepreneur " is a good example of business coursework.   My choice of an entrepreneur for analysis in this paper is Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Keith Murdoch is an Australian born entrepreneur born in March 1931. He is regarded as one of Australia’ s most successful business tycoons (Maverick 2015). The Forbes magazine ranks him as the most powerful media mogul in the world. Murdoch was born to Sir Keith Arthur and Elisabeth Murdoch who were also very successful entrepreneurs in Melbourne Australia. Murdoch was introduced into the corporate world when he inherited a media company, the News Time from his father.

At the age of 85, the business magnate is estimated to be worth 11.9 billion dollars (Rupert Murdoch News Corporation 2006). History, development and growth of the entrepreneur to see what made this person successful Murdoch is the current chair of the board of management for News Corp, a company that owns many television and print media companies across many countries. His hard work and determination enabled him to build an empire of media in Australia. At the age of twenty-two, Murdoch inherited two media companies upon the death of his father (Rupert Murdoch News Corporation 2006).

Nothing much has been about his early childhood except when his father died when he was 21 years and he came to run the family businesses (Craufurd 2015). In the latter years of his business career, Murdoch used his influence and the position, acknowledging the role that media plays in politics to associate his media companies with various political orientations. He, for instance, threw his weight behind the Australian labor party in Australia an act that almost split the ruling party into two.

In the United Kingdom, Murdoch formed an alliance with the conservative that at the time was led by the celebrated Prime Minister Margaret thatcher. He recently hired a chartered plane to fly David Cameron the prime minister of Britain yacht the Rose heart for private talks (Craufurd 2015). In the United States of America, media companies associated with him participated in fundraising for Hillary Clinton during her campaigns in the democratic primaries. In an interview with Walt Mossberg, Murdoch admitted to having a hand in New York post’ s endorsement of Barack Obama during the democratic primaries in the United States (Arsenault & Castells 2008). 2.

The role of their family and socio-cultural background in the development of their entrepreneurial passion The family of Murdoch played a great role in his development to become a very successful business tycoon. To begin with, he was born to a family of re-known business people in Australia. His father, Sir Keith Arthur was a journalist who rose to fame working as a news correspondent during the world war one era.

In 1921, Keith was appointed as the chief editor of Melbourne Herald (Biography. com Editors nd. ). He became the managing director of the herald and weekly times limited in 1929. He married Elizabeth that same year who was later to become a famous philanthropist in Australia. The members of the family were very prominent proprietors of the media industry in their native country, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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