Essays on Consumer Decision Process Concerning the Bookshop Retail Industry Online Business Case Study

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The paper 'Consumer Decision Process Concerning the Bookshop Retail Industry Online Business " is a good example of a marketing case study.   With the development of the internet, the bookshop retail industry online business has developed at a fast rate. The development of e-commerce has been expanding leading to more attention being required for online shopping behaviors. The online marketers have to look not only on the consumers and their products but also in the factors that influence the customers to make the purchase decisions. Having enough information on consumers’ behavior is vital for positioning and targeting.

Consumer behavior also forms an important part in marketing decisions. Most of the successful online marketers have achieved their success due to being more vigilant on their consumers’ behaviors and factors affecting them. Customer behavior helps the company to attain its goals. The behavior is affected by both internal and external factors though there can be influence from external sources (Vellido, Lisboa & Meehan, 2000). Online shopping behavior refers to the process used in shopping products or services online (Vellido, Lisboa & Meehan, 2000).

The process of consumer behavior uses the same steps as those associated with traditional shopping behavior. Normally, when consumers have a need for an item, they search for it online. However, in some cases, the potential consumers are attracted to the products and services they feel a need for through its information. This later leads to effecting transactions and the terms of sales are agreed. The consumer’ s psychological state in making their online purchases decisions is referred to as online shopping attitude. There are several factors that affect the consumer online shopping behavior.

Online shopping stores are perceived to be convenient, efficient and time-saving. This is due to the fact that they are open at all times and have unlimited accessibility (Aron, Irwin & Edward, 2003). This essay will analyze the influences of the internal and external factors on the consumer decision process concerning online shopping behavior. This will be achieved by analyzing the bookshop retail industry online business. The industry overview The main contributors to the growth of bookshop retail industry online business have been due to associated benefits. Internet shopping has been cited to be convenient for consumers.

The consumers are able to get all the information they need about products online. The consumers can also be able to compare the prices before making a decision on the product. Using the internet market, consumers can be able to utilize the products efficiently to cater for the need completely. The availability of the search engine helps the consumer to look for detailed information which leads to making the most suitable decision. Online shopping despite its advantages has been associated with several risks to the consumers.

Some of the documented risks are payment safety. Internet payment has become one of the most preferred payment methods while making purchases. Though internet payment increases efficiency, they are prone to internet theft due to the fact that they are virtual property. Online fraud and cybercrime have been on the increase as internet security has advanced. There is also poor after-sale service (Petrtyl, 2012).


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