Essays on Leadership Challenges at Hewlett-Packard Case Study

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The paper "Leadership Challenges at Hewlett-Packard" is a great example of a Management Case Study. The leadership in any of the organizations is very critical for the success to be achieved. However, the leadership framework is vulnerable and is at risk of facing very adverse conditions that may affect smooth operations. This essay identifies the challenges that are experienced resulting from the behavior of the organization using a case study of the Hewlett-Packard. The challenges of focus here are categorized under change, leadership, and conflict. Alongside each challenge, the solution that would address the issue adequately is clearly identified.

The generalization is drawn in each of these cases. In the end, recommendations that are focused on addressing these challenges are also suggested and clearly placed and a conclusion made. Hewlett-Packard (HP) is an American multinational information technology corporation. It has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, United States. Its structure of top leadership has been that of a C. E.O and a board of directors. The main product lines are imaging products, a variety of printers and software, household networking, storage devices that are related, industry and enterprise servers, personal computing devices, and the like.

In the year 2013, it was considered to be the PC vendor that was the second-largest globally in the sales unit achieved thereof. HP has been a globally large technology company in revenue terms. It has faced a dramatically great need for changes in the mode of the operations and the focus employed especially in the management framework. (Buscarino et al. 2012) Challenges Experienced Leadership There are a lot of obligations that the board of directors have to abide by. Following the classical view of organization behavior, these include the disposition and acquisition of the assets of the corporate, material information disclosure to the public, effective communication with stakeholders and shareholders, enhancing that that all involved parties comply with the regulatory and legal requirements, overseeing the working of the external auditor, ensuring that there is integrity in the reports on finance and also overseeing the risk management establishments (Tsai 2011) Also included in these key responsibilities are the duties to ensure there is strategic company direction by the hiring of the managerial personnel who have the right qualifications.

Their compensation is designed by the board and their performance is closely monitored. The roles that stand out, however, are first corporate strategy evaluation and approval and secondly that of hiring and firing of the CEO. There are different modes that are adopted by leaders in the running of an organization. The range is wide covering strategies that are dynamically different. The approach, for example, maybe transactional or transformational leadership in nature. In transactional leadership, there is a lot of specificity in the particular way in which things run.

No big changes are anticipated in this view and the key focus is to keep things flowing normally. Incentives are offered for motivation unto excellent performance while various forms of punishments are employed to promote compliance. (Hargis, Watt & Piotrowski, 2011) In transformative leadership, on the other hand, the focus is the improvement of the success and the performance through crafting strategic changes that are above merely following a daily routine. The leadership is in itself a role model bringing about inspiration and interest to the tasks by the followers.

The professional and personal development of the subordinates is enhanced through collaboration, motivation, and team-building strategies. (Bass & Riggio 2012)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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