Essays on Logistic and Supply Chain Management Process Coursework

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The paper "Logistic and Supply Chain Management Process" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Logistic and supply chain management involves the process of moving goods from one place to another. These goods are moved in either raw-material or finished goods. Storage facilities are equipped to provide efficiency in monitoring, execution and planning of logistics and supply chain management activities to enhance good performance. In the context of engineering projects, managing maintenance knowledge is a key element in all managerial fields and department (Handfield, 1998). The practices of the supply chain are practised to ensure the flow of goods is not affected hence facilitating efficiency in producing and delivering goods globally.

Therefore this paper aims in finding out the elements of logistics that are related in managing maintenance knowledge through the analysis of engineering projects. Keywords: logistics and supply chain management, goods, managing maintenance knowledge. Elements of logistics related to managing maintenance knowledge The elements of logistics in relation to the context of engineering projects that are related to the managing maintenance knowledge vary from their goals and objectives. Equipment design refers to the ideal process of selecting the most relevant tool to facilitate the logistics and supply chain processes.

The design has to be made clear from the available samples that can easily be applicable and flexible in maintenance. The equipment chosen will have to affect all the functions of supply chain management. Failure to choose better equipment design, many of the services and products produced will be of bad quality (Handfield, 1998). Therefore in managing maintenance knowledge, the organization offering logistic and supply chain management services have to obey and provide a room for better equipment design.

Equipment design is applicable in the engineering context and also in supply chain management. The use of computer resources is an element that is related to managing maintenance knowledge. Computer resources are largely used in many fields today to facilitate many processes in product development. Computer resources such as hardware, software, identifying the facility, support tools, manpower and software development assist in operating this computer system to achieve its objective. Software development has been the current trend in many organizations intending to improve their organizational systems. According to William (2005), he argued that they had to use WordPerfect which used to automatically process content rather than using human beings.

The automatic processing of content was based on computer software where maintenance knowledge was captured and was understood by both the computer system and the humans handling it. Therefore the use of the computer software element in the logistics and supply chain management relate to managing maintenance knowledge technique. Quality improvements have been the other goal in managing maintenance knowledge in engineering. This also has been a key concern in logistic and supply chain management.

For a business organization to succeed in transporting goods from one place to another, final goods produced must be of good quality. Better quality goods fetch high costs and customer are even satisfied with them too. In managing maintenance knowledge, final goods are also to be of high-quality standards. This is the reason why product developments processes are fully developed in the engineering field as urged by William (2005). Quality improvements standard should be a major aim gained in all fields including both engineering and the logistics and supply chain management to meet the standards of their customers.

Managing maintenance knowledge integrates supply and logistic practices in improving and providing a better quality of goods. This will help in improving the level of quality products being produced.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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