Essays on Queensland Health - Recruitment Strategy, Internal Recruitment, and Selection Strategy Case Study

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The paper “ Queensland Health - Recruitment Strategy, Internal Recruitment, and Selection Strategy” is a well-turned example of a case study on human resources. Queensland Health’ s overall mission is ‘ creating dependable health care and bettering health services for all Queenslanders’ . In fulfilling its mission, there are four main values that act as a guide to the institution’ s behavior. The values include caring for people with a demonstration of commitment to the people in the way the employees work, leadership with everyone having a role to play in maintaining exemplary leadership, respect, and integrity.

The Training and Development Officer position is a tactical position for any institution to successfully recruit the right person. Therefore, it is the sole reason why Queensland Health has devoted to working out appropriately and seeing unto it that the right and most efficient ways of recruitment and selections are followed in filling the named position. There are many recruitment strategies including internal and external, but for Queensland, the most efficient and selected method is external for fast and easy access to the qualified person for this job. The institution has provided the guidelines for applications at their website with qualifications and the expectations of the institution noted for any interested candidate.

What remains now is establishing the Recruitment and selection strategy capable of working wonders for the institution in filling the Training and Development Officer position. Part A – Recruitment strategyQueensland Health has two main options from which it can conduct its recruitment including: Internal RecruitmentExternal RecruitmentHowever, Queensland Health will be using one recruitment strategy in its process of getting the best and qualified people to fill the position: External recruitment strategyExternal recruitment strategy is a method of recruiting potential candidates to fill a particular position from external sources, meaning that the organization recruits people who do not have an attachment to the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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