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Analysis of Motivation StylesThe Setting and the PersonFormax Direct units is a small company that engages in production and selling of solar panels. The company produces solar products but its main product is solar panels. The sales manager in this company was superb at motivating the sales team. He employed all means and tactics to make employees in the sales team to work hard and turn in positive sales for the company. As a result of his work, there was increased productivity and profitability of the company. The sales manager was keen to see everybody in the company sales team being productive.

I was a member in the sales team. The sales team was the integral part of the company since they determined how much of the product should be produced for the market. The company faced stiff competition from other companies producing solar or energy saving products. The sales manager was a charismatic leader who was motivated the members of the sales team with his endowed ability. The leader was able to inspire sales team leaders to be aggressive in their jobs as they do their personal selling.

Building up a sales team and giving sales members the required morale is not an easy task. The sales manager was able to motivate sales team members to be productive and think positive throughout their jobs in the field and the company procedure. The leader instilled discipline and hard work in the team members and made them to be responsible throughout. He encouraged members to have personal self-drive that keep their spirit positive. The Behaviors and Style of MotivationThe sales managers used various methods of motivation and modification of behavior to ensure that the sales team worked hard.

Fun days and retreat for members were organized and used as forums of making members bond and exchange ideas. During these retreats members were encouraged to share their experiences in the field and exchange challenges that they encountered. Retreats were forums to reduce stress and psyche up for the events of the week. Members were encouraged to be open minded and be willing to learn from others. The retreats provided a good time for bonding for the sales team.

Sales people who felt that they were giving up got encouraged in the forums during retreats. The sales manager attended these forums and encouraged members to keep on fighting and to go for the best in life (Miner 2007, p. 321). The life experience of the sales manager was very encouraged and he shared with everyone how overcome challenges as a member in the sales team before being promoted to the position which he held then. Games and other playing activities were organized to make members bond with each other.

Singing competitions and individual talents were showcased. Winners were given prizes to encourage people to participate. Everyone find something interesting to take part in. The various activities helped members to unwind and cope with challenges that come with their jobs in the field. Apart from the retreats, sales team engaged in competition that enabled them to gauge themselves against each other. The best performing sales team was rewarded by being taken to a dinner part or just being given presents. Rewards were extensively used by the sales manager to motivate the sales team members to work hard.

High rollers who were the best performing sales people were given a present at the end of the week. They were also encouraged to share their experiences with the rest of team members during daily or weekly meetings. Punctually was also encouraged through rewards. A member who came early than the rest for three consecutive days was rewarded. There was a rush for everyone to be an early riser. This trend led to people reporting early at the place of work regardless of their destination.

Bonuses were given to sales team members on unspecified days. The sales managers could come to meetings and abruptly announce the bonus day. On the bonus day, members got higher commissions on everything they sold. The commission was separate from the fixed salary. The fixed salary was also introduced by sales manager as means to make sales people stay. Initially the rate of turnover from the company as a result of meager pay was very high. The sales manager encouraged old members of the team to mentor the members who were new on the job.

The sales force was motivated by the manner in which they were encouraged by sales manager. Sharing of ideas created an unbreakable bond among the members of the sales team. Openness and being concerned about each other made the members of the sales team feel at home in the group. Team members who performed well were elected as team leaders and given more responsibility.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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