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The paper "Analysis of Loft Bar Located in the University of Technology Sydney " is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Loft Bar is located in the University of Technology Sydney where customers were engaged to comprehend their satisfaction based on amenities and services, events, food and drinks at the bar. The opinions, overall levels of satisfaction and intention for re-visit were weighed through the responses. The representative sample was taken and 106 responses from students and non-students who had visited UTS campus Loft Bar within the 12 months before collecting their data were analyzed.

Pre-testing was ensured to ensure that the questionnaire and specific questions will measure what was actually meant to be measured. After the pre-test, minor improvements and adjustment were done to those questions whose answers varied between respondents as they would not measure similar things that would allow generalization (van Teijlingen & Hundley 2001). In this analysis, Cronbach’ s alpha has been used as a test for internal consistency (Lopez 2007). It is used to estimate the reliability of a test involving a designed sample of examinees.

Various independent variables are compared with the dependent variable in the analysis. 6. The opinion of the brightness of the lighting in the Loft Bar The question considered how lighting brightness (independent variable) affected customers’ satisfaction (dependent variable). In regard to the opinion of the. 776,. 824,. 898, very comfortable, seating comfort, never discomfort, for all the responses, the first one; very comfortable fell under Cronbach’ s alpha 0.7 ≤ α < 0.8 which is simply interpreted as acceptable. The rest two responses; seating comfortable and never discomfort were at 0.8 ≤ α < 0.9 whose internal consistency is good.   Cronbach's Alpha if Item Deleted Very comfortable . 776 Seating comfort . 824 Never discomfort . 898 The brightness is rated good for most of the people who visit the bar and thus customers are satisfied. 7.0 The cleanliness of the toilets at the Loft Bar The question considered toilets cleanliness (IV) and customers’ satisfaction (DV). Cronbach's alpha is used in this case on the data that is computed.

Toilets very clean and toilets never dirty are at. 896 and. 870 which fall under range 0.8 ≤ α < 0.9 which is good while the third is at. 901 which is at range α ≥ 0.9 which is simply excellent. Item-Total Statistics   Cronbach's Alpha if Item Deleted   Toilets very clean . 896   Toilet never dirty . 870   Toilets spotless . 901   The majority of the respondents fall under the range that shows the toilet cleanliness is good.

However, there is a group which rates the cleanliness as excellent meaning that loft bar toilets are relatively rated. Precisely, toilets cleanliness contributes significantly to customers’ satisfaction. 8. Opinion on the amount of outdoor seating at the Loft Bar The question looked at how outdoor seating (IV) affected customers’ satisfaction (DV). Cronbach’ s alpha is still used here as a measure to show how well all the score for the selected items has captured the expected score for the entire domain. The data outcomes reveal that for the question of whether there is always a lot of outdoor seating when the respondents visit is. 886 which falls under 0.8 ≤ α < 0.9 good.

Whether it is difficult to find a seat in Loft bar and whether the bar offers a lot of outdoor seating, the data shows. 912 and. 926 respectively which is α ≥ 0.9 excellent. Item-Total Statistics     Cronbach's Alpha if Item Deleted Outdoor seating . 886 Difficulty finding seating . 912 plenty of Outdoor seating . 926 Outdoor seating and availability are excellent as most of the respondents rated it excellent and thus, customers are satisfied.


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