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EVENT MANAGEMENT: ANALYTICAL REPORTZihuatanejo International Guitar Festival: MexicoZihuatanejo International Guitar Festival is an annual event in the Mexican calendar. The event usually makes an annual expose at the Dallas guitar festival, a famous festivity in the US marking 35th year in 2012. It is no doubt among the largest guitar experience in North America. The guitar trade show brings on board many music fans, attendees, guitarists and manufacturers of guitars to the three days event (Lougheed 2008). It is characterized by pomp and zeal of live night music and attended by well known Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Texas blues legend and Carolyn wonderland among others (Damm S 2011). This festival is governed by the non-profit civil association of Mexico.

The activities involve raising funds to perform arts and cultural projects within the community. The Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival of March 5-11, 2012 had over 1450 people attending, a gala dinner, cocktail party and 8 bar shows. Also performed were a children’s concert of over 500 school children and Zihuatanejo International Guitar public presentation to over 3,000 music lovers (Lougheed 2008). Event theoryThe event is held in March every year with increasing popularity and pomp.

The Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival is a favorite to artists, locals and tourists who love the pacific coast setting. For the event to be livelier, it has grown to adopt certain features and organization characterized by elaborate publicity, event design and presentation and scheduling (Kilkenny, S 2011). With growing popularity the event organizers have utilized impacts and evaluation, event public policy and management to ensure that each year is appreciated from strength to strength. The theory of these aspects will be discussed below (Mallen & Adams 2008). Event Impact and EvaluationThe impact of any event is measured by evaluating the levels of influence on economic, social and environmental discourse (Carter, L 2007).

Economic impact of any event is identified by looking at the total expenditures generated in an area and entails a more conspicuous result of hosting the event. Economic determination is all time powerful technique to capture and depict any financial benefits arising from hosting an event such as Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival. Economic impact measurement allows the event planners and shareholders to carry out a credible evaluation on the returns to the investment.

In addition, it shows how the events steer economic benefits by allowing the event organizers adopt good practices which tend to maximize the benefitsIn many events, the visitor expenditure on local hotel and accommodation is the greatest economic impact though expenditure relating to event organizers requires consideration too. . In several instances, an event may have some negative consequences on the environment since some event organizers may be interested in minimization of scarce resources employed in the event which results to jeopardizing event management practices to show commitment of how well they can reduce on expenses (Kilkenny, S 2011).

Other organizers will look for more positive impacts to environment by developing a strategy. Environmental effects can be in the form of sustainable event management, waste and transport management. Other considerations are noise pollution, carbon waste streams, CO2 emissions and event energy consumption.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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