Essays on Planning in Victorian Government in Australia Assignment

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The paper “ Planning In Victorian Government in Australia” is an affecting example of the assignment on management. The purpose of planning overlays is to facilitate a sustainable, flourishing, and secure community. The main reason for planning overlays is reducing the risk due to environmental concerns like flooding. The local council in Victoria plans overlays to reduce the dangers that people face in their areas of living. Wildlife Management Overlay (WMO) of Victoria is a good example that has been developed by local councils in ensuring wildlife risks are reduced (Robert, 2000). The purpose of Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) is to set out a long-term vision and strategies for municipality development and expansion.

It provides a long-term direction for land development and use. This is towards ensuring the good design and management of the city. Municipal Strategic Statement contains key strategic plans and other development objectives for the council. It contains various local planning policies that have been laid down by the council. A policy in municipal planning schemes is one of the tools that are available and used for implementing strategies and objectives in municipal planning schemes.

It is a statement of expectation or goal. It is a statement that will specify what the responsible authority will do under specified conditions. It is a statement or guide that offers responsible authority a chance to state its view of planning for a location. Planning permission is required in order for one to build. Planning permit gives details of the situations of how and what is to be built on any land. The planning permit gives evidence that permission has been granted towards developing the property.

Planning permit allows one to be given permission to build in a specific region or area. For a planning permit to be issued, the area of building a house should be on the accessible and permitted region (Environment Defenders office, 2007). Planning decisions made by the council on zoning that can be reviewed include the development of local activity centers that are accessible in new and even existing neighborhoods.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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