Essays on The Success of Apple on a Global Front Assignment

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The paper "The Success of Apple on a Global Front " is a perfect example of a management assignment. Apple phenomenal success to become the world’ s largest company by market capitalization was due to the manner in which the business changed under the leadership of Steve Jobs. The different innovations which Apple was able to carry out resulted in a complete change and influenced the entire industry starting from software, hardware to music to publishing and communication. The entire focus was towards being innovative and designing products which were built for consumer convenience helped to revolutionize the entire industry.

As a result, more and more people were willing to invest in the company as the share prices were rising and it led towards a transformation and made Apple become one of the world’ s largest company by market capitalization. The main driving force was innovation and developing products and services which met the customer expectations. Apple identified the market trends as people were looking for sleeker and trendier gadgets. Apple came with innovative products like the iPhone, Ipad and iPod. People readily accepted the product as the different needs of the people were better met.

This led towards a complete transformation and made people accept the product. Apple was able to understand the different needs of the people and develop products based on it. This helped to ensure easy acceptability and having better design and sleeker looks helped to ensure that the different products and services were accepted. The success of Apple on a global front can also be attributed to the fact that the products and services which were launched were done on a global level and the organization looked at ensuring that the different services were provided to all.

The organization followed a stepwise process and looked at identifying the different dimensions and mechanism through which better acceptability of the needs was determined. This helped Apple to be successful and ensured that their initiative which was adopted at a global level brought the required return and dividend and ensure better opportunities and chances to be successful. Apple looked to work on a niche segment in the market and as a result, was able to bring about a complete turnaround in the manner different activities were carried out.

This resulted in other players losing their market share as players like Samsung, Nokia, Sony and other players lost their market. The overall impact was strong and Apple was able to create a differential market for its products and services. This led towards a situation where the overall framework didn’ t help to provide the same opportunities of growth and thereby sustained the growth level for other companies. The market segment which Apple was able to grow as a result was the younger generation as their products appealed to technology-savvy people.

The product and services were a hit among individuals who loved technology and the entire market was able to witness a complete turnaround and were able to grow. The result was so strong that the technology segment was able to bring about a complete turnaround and thereby slowly able to grow the technological segment of the business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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