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Article critiqueIntroductionThe above study analyses the article regarding relationships among teamwork behavior, trust, and perceived team support as well as team commitment. The factors that influence team members’ commitment are also analysed in order to come up with the factors that determine teamwork behaviours, their trust and support. Eisenberger et al. (1986) describes that team commitment includes linking ideas with other team members and it also involves working in loyalty in a way that there exist some ties among group members. According to this article, a study was conducted where 548 questionnaires were issued to various teams that were participating in the competition.

According to the data collected, teamwork behaviours, trust and team support were said to influence team commitment. Literature reviewThe literature review of the article does not show the statement problem that is being discussed because the article should have shown what problem is being faced by various organisations in order to carry out this research. The literature review lacks proper interpretation of terms for example when discussing how teamwork applies trust in order to achieve team commitment.

For example the writer suggests that trust can be even treated as a representative of all interpersonal relationships. This statement lacks originality and it is not well explained of how trust affects team commitment. The article shows that there is a positive correlation between trust and commitment and then says that findings gained in some studies demonstrated an insignificant relationship between the two variables. The above statement does not critically explain the relationship and the writer is not clear about how each variable affects the other. The study lacks originality for example trust is defined as the way one person perceives the role performance of another person to be reliable.

The paragraph “in this study we examined factors of team commitment, including teamwork behaviours, trust and perceived team support. Since trust is critical within a team, our aim was to determine whether or not teamwork behaviour significantly influences trust. Finally, from the perspective of social exchange theory, the aim in this study was to determine if the members’ perceived team support would influence the interactions and trust among the individual members of a team”.

Firstly, this paragraph should have been at the introduction part where the writer would have talked about what the study is all about. Secondly the paragraph lacks grammatical flow since it is written in both past and present tenses and thirdly there is lack of creativity as the writer does not show how the above variables help in the study. The research framework conducted that was based on motives and literature review and shown in figure 1 should not have been under the methods since it shows the findings of the literature review.

The figure should therefore be drawn before the explanation of it is illustrated. The explanation is also not clear because it only shows what the arrows point at but fail to show how this is linked to team commitment. The literature review part is also too shallow and lacks enough evidence from other researchers or scholars.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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