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The paper "Analysis of What Makes Strategic Decisions Different by Phil" is a good example of management article.   The success of any organization depends on the decisions which are made by the managers. There are various decisions which are made and can be appropriate in different situations. It is therefore important to make decisions based on the available circumstances. Despite the ability to make various decisions, the decisions have not been successful because the decisions are effective but they are applied in inappropriate situations (Phil 2013). This implies that the situation that needs the decision could not be solved.

In this regard, therefore, this article by Phil Rosenzweig will be criticized as well as providing the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Article Summary The article by Phil Rosenzweig “ What Makes Strategic Decisions Different” summarized and is critically summarized in this section. According to Phil, the decisions made in an organization can be categorized into control decisions and performance. Control decisions are the decisions which are made to influence the outcome of the organization. On the other hand, performance decisions are the decisions which are made based on the outcome (Phil 2013).

These are important decisions, but in most cases, they are not appropriate. In the first instance, control decisions may not be effective because there are changing circumstances which can affect the operations of the organization. In this effect, the changing business environment can make the control decision ineffective. On the other hand, performance decisions can be criticized because the next performance of the organization may not entirely depend on the past performance of the organization. The article further notes that there are four fields for making decisions.

The first one is making routine choices and decisions (Daniel & Amos 2000). This is the buying field where a customer can buy the products based on personal judgment like buying products from a supermarket. However, there are other factors which can influence the individual to make a decision. For instance, social class can influence the decision of an individual. There is also influencing outcomes field. In this situation, an individual is faced with a number of options to choose from. Positive thinking influences the individual in making the decision (Phil 2013).

The critique of this field is that an individual may make a wrong judgment and the end result is that the wrong option will be selected. Moreover, other decisions do not require options but it is upon the individual to apply effort to make a required decision. According to the author of the article, another field is placing competitive bets. The success if any decisions or the performance of an organization depends on how the organization relates to others. This will create a good relationship with the stakeholders (Nightingale 2008).

However, for any organization to make good profits it should be too much concerned with the welfare of others by engaging too much in corporate social responsibility because it will reduce the profits of the organization. The managers make decisions based on what the competitors are doing so that they can improve the performance of the organization. Making a decision based on the competitive bets is influenced by what the rivals are doing to attract and retain customers as well as improving the reputation of the organization.

However, this field of decision has been criticized because the competitors can take a move which is difficult to emulate because of the large financial base which is required. The competitors can also formulate decisions which do not focus on customer satisfaction thus the competitor's decisions might not be effective (Phil 2013). This implies that the decision should be made based on the strategy of the organization and how it will improve its performance and not on what the competitors are doing.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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