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The paper "Toward a Model for International Business Ethics by Mitschow" is a perfect example of a business article.   The articles examine the subject of business ethics and try to recommend the best code of conduct for global companies. There is little attention placed on the issue of moral principles in the worldwide context. The author investigates how the recent transformation in the global market led to an attempt of providing a framework for future arguments. The paper examined some unique intricacies that surround the development of any sort of business standard across the globe such as competing ethic morals for the global companies. There is much justification for the corporation to institute a code of ethics.

Corruption is a key factor that should be addressed. In the United States, corruption is considered illegal and unethical in the business world. Human right is also a vital matter in the global spotlight. nations depict diverse standards of doing job and policies, creating an ethical dilemma for the parent company and the home corporations. The laws on workers in making developing nations are unfavorable as those in developed nations, which depict strike labor laws that deal in the employment of minors and restrict the hours that workers are permitted to work.

This leads to an area of significant human rights infringement. An environment is an issue for concern for the business that tries to create worldwide moral policies. Safety of water resources as well as the development of efficient waste control systems is of concern to many groups and institutions, not only in the developed countries. There are some key justifications that lead to growth in concern for the environment that makes it very important in the worldwide business situation.

First, more focus is given to ecological matters by local and internal media houses. Secondly, the issue of externality that appreciates that action taken in one part of the word will depict an effect in the other part of the word. Thirdly, there is a concern for the strategic expense to the community for cleaning the waste. With regards to ecological safety, much has been done but more needs to be done.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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