Essays on Assess Needs Of Client With Alcohol And Other Drug Issues Case Study

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How the client is likely to present for her initial assessment During the initial assessment, the client is likely to present herself in a state that displays her as having feelings of confusion, pain, rejection and failure due to the experiences that she could have gone through. In the initial presentation she also could be stressed up and her health status might be in a bad condition. The feelings of confusion will be as a result of not knowing what to do with the pregnancy i. e. if she should let her boyfriend know about it.

Pain will most likely be as a result of the physical abuse that the boyfriend had subjected her to. Rejection will most likely be as a result of her feeling that her parents and siblings do not care about her and that’s why they are ever disapproving of her relationships and do not want anything to do with her. Failure will be as a result of her not being able to make her long-term relationship with the boyfriend work out for the good of herself the baby to be born and for the boyfriend, she could also be feeling as a failure due to the fact that she is a 29 year old woman who is not in a stable healthy relationship and who cannot be able to afford to pay her rent without relying on somebody else to chip in or to top up the needed amount.

The feelings of stress will definitely be as a result of the failed relationship with her boyfriend, the physical abuse that she had been subjected to at the time she was with her boyfriend, her feeling that her siblings and parents have rejected her, the baby to be born and the heroin that she is not sure whether she will be able to give it up as a result of the pregnancy that she desires to keep.

Main aims during the opening of the first session In opening the first session and building a relationship with Kathy, my main aims will be to build confidence with her as my client. Building up her confidence in me will enable her as my client to easily open up the issues that trouble her most and which she may be keeping to herself as secrets.

Once she has opened up to me fully then I will be able to lay down the strategies that I will require to use in counseling to achieve the desired results and to be able to lay down a timeline for the counseling session. After building up her confidence, I will work on building rapport between me and her. Creating a friendly relationship with an emotional bond that is based on mutual liking, trust and a feeling that I do share in her concerns and troubles will help a lot in the counseling processes.

She has to understand that I am in the same shoes that she is in if I’m to help her out of the problems she is experiencing.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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