Essays on Marketing Management for Construction Project Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Management for Construction Project " is a perfect example of a management case study. This construction project is focussed on the conversion of a former workshop into a three-bedroom bungalow. Therefore, the client so desires that the design of the forward-facing dormer roof windows be changed from the normal tile and timber roof to an entire glass one. There is a need for a permit to be obtained that will allow this design to deviate from the normal design of that area to the design that is required by the client.

As a result, this report will explain the importance of each party in the running of this project. The project will also cover the impact that the proposed design by the client on this particular project. Assessment methods There are various assessment methods that were used to meet the objectives that are stipulated above. First, different parties that are involved in this project were identified and the roles that they play for this project to be complete was determined. These are the owner of the project that is being undertaken, the general contractor, the master architect, the electrical engineer, the land architect, the structural engineer, the Legal Counsel and the mechanical engineer.

On the other hand, there are various contractual procedures that were identified by this report and must be followed in any project that is being undertaken. According to Booth (1999 pp. 175), there is a lot of paperwork that must be dealt with to lay down the contractual procedures that must be followed when carrying out this project. These procedures include awarding of the contract, choosing the precise contract and selection of the subcontractor by the general contractor. The impact of the proposed changes that were to be carried out on this particular project was also assessed in detail.

It was important to note the fact that there were many rules and regulations that needed to be bend for this project to succeed. Therefore, several extra procedures had to be followed. According to Lock (2007, pp. 403), changes in any project can arise at different stages of the project and they pose different challenges to the project that is being undertaken. Results This report came up with various results after a critical analysis of the project that was to be undertaken.

First, the parties that are involved in this project needed to be brought together for them to be able to work as a team and not as individuals. Therefore, identification of the role played by each part was important at every stage of development of this project. It is important to understand that the adherence to the rules and regulations that guide project management was paramount and every part, therefore, was needed to cooperate with the other despite the diversity in the roles played by each.

Andersen et al. (2004 pp. 100) assert that the decision-making process is affected by the way the project participant is organized. On the other hand, these parties must portray specific skills that are required by the area of assignment. The general contractor assumes the role of the leadership team in the construction process. The general contractor and his team of subcontractors work together with the rest of the teams to develop the project in accordance with the laid down instructions and within a particular time frame and cost.

The Master Architect, on the other hand, works by designing the whole project and is responsible for providing direction in regard to the required design to the general contractor and subcontractor. The master architect must be proficient in architectural designs for him to accomplish the project.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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