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The paper "Marketing of Kiwi Experience " is a great example of a marketing assignment. Kiwi Experience is a leading company in tourism, offering a wide variety of services to tourists visiting New Zealand. The exquisite services they offer is not the only reason for their reputable name, but the marketing of their services as well. In marketing, there are many considerations that they put into account to achieve consumer confidence fully. This is done by assessing the consumer’ s perception of the product to align with what they desire in a product. Product time availability: is an important factor in the marketing of Kiwi Experience.

With an allowance of up to twelve months, the company assures the consumer that the maximum duration of time is available even when the client faces an unexpected event limiting them from going for the excursion. This is unlike plane tickets where it expires in a short time after booking. Products financial viability: Kiwi Experience has different pass categories for their clients. This is done with careful deliberations and considering the financial capability of their target clients.

In marketing, they offer these categories so that a client may analyze the best offers that are in line with the financial resources at hand. Product safety. The wellness of the consumer is supremely important to the company. Expeditions are at times dangerous to the tourists and the people might go to places where they could be unsafe. At Kiwi, they guarantee their clients that each place they go to, to a competent and knowledgeable guide is present to show them the way to reduce the accident probabilities or any unfortunate events.

This, in turn, boosts consumer confidence in the well being of their state during the expedition. Product fulfillment. Expeditions are meant to be fun and stress-free. When marketing the product, Kiwi Experience makes it clear their number one priority is to satisfy the tourist’ s fun needs. They also put out that they do not condone any people that are boring who will make others gloomy. The possibility of distraction from children is also not allowed thus they put out their desired age brackets. Disruptive people are also warned of measures that are taken in when they do not coexist with others peacefully.

Marketing this product consideration allows a potential consumer to see that the expedition with the company is worthwhile with the satisfaction of the desires. Question 2 Product layers are extras that come with the basic product needed (Fanning, 2014). For example, a radio the basic core product is music, but the radio might have a disc player, equalizers, woofers inter alia to supplement the basic core product. At Kiwi, the basic core expected product by consumers is transported from one place to another.

At Kiwi their marketing focuses on the fulfillment of the core product of the consumer, the client definitely knows that the company will make their travel around the tourist sites all through the nation without any complications. To augment the basic core product, Kiwi has introduced a number of activities that come with the traveling of tourists. Providing a knowledgeable guide for each bus is one of them. The guide takes the tourists through the expedition as well as driving them. In marketing, the cost of hiring a driver is significantly reduced as the service is increased from transport to the addition of a touring instructor.

A client is appealing to know that, acquiring a single product, there are other offers that come with this product.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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