Essays on Consumer-Behaviour Concepts and Models Assignment

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The paper "Consumer-Behavior Concepts and Models" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Consumer behavior basically centers its focus on studying where people purchase the products, why they do purchase the products, how they end up buying the specific products and when they do purchase certain products. It looks also at how buyers end up making the decision to buy, whether individually or as a group. Most individuals are easily influenced to buy by friends, society, and family and reference groups. It is normal for human beings to desire to fulfill their desires for more, that is, food, shelter, clothing, and luxuries such as vehicles, home theatres recreational facilities e. g.

swimming pools, pool tables, badminton, and a gymnasium. From the Stimulus-Response Model of Buyer Behaviour, one’ s behavior also greatly determines the individual’ s consumption. The buyer responses are highly triggered by the dealer, brand, product, and retail choices. Moreover, purchase timing frequency and amount also influence an individual’ s characteristics of buying and decision-making process. The key marketing stimuli are the 4P’ s (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) followed by other factors such as economic factors, social issues political factors and also issues surrounding technology. Cultural factors such as social class, culture, and sub-culture are a great contributor to one’ s buying behavior.

These factors are closely followed by social factors comprising of family, one’ s reference group, roles, and status. Personal factors are also a great influence on an individual’ s consumer behavior. Such factors are age and one’ s life-cycle personality, occupation, lifestyle and economic position. Above all, psychological factors minimally affect the behavior of buying by most people. The factors are motivation, learning, one’ s perception, and beliefs of certain communities and one’ s attitude in line with these beliefs. The April 2011 marketing magazine In the April 2011 issue of marketing magazine, important highlights on ‘ sponsorship’ and particularly partnership in business are discussed by Brendan Lawley.

“ What we’ re about at Melbourne Storm is identifying deep and integrated brand partnerships. The way that brands have traditionally (I think the sports industry broadly) approached sponsorship doesn’ t work anymore (Marketing, April 2011). It is real that the creation of partnerships that will last long delivers brand value. The Chief Commercial Officer of National Rugby League (NRL) club Melbourne Storm, Claire Murphy has emphasized on membership and sponsorship becoming the major focus for the finances of the clubs.

Nexus MG’ s Attrill accepts Clair Murphy’ s sentiments that it is not just enough for any given brand to be associated with any sports club or a stadium but rather definitely be of great benefit there is a proper representation of the brand as should be perceived.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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