Essays on Assignment One- "Buy" Something On The Internet. At A Minimum: Assignment

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Internet Purchase of “Backfriend” SeatI wanted to buy an orthopedic seat called a Backfriend. I saw this seat at a friend’s house and she told me it was very good for preventing back pain when driving or working at a computer, or even just watching television. The seat is portable and it folds up in half, so that you can carry it around. It is light in weight as it is really just a thin layer of molded plastic or fiberglass covered with some foam and fabric. Because you cannot buy a Backfriend from the shops, I asked my friend to give me the name of the seat and she said it was “ME Backfriend” made by a company in England, ME Design.

I could not find any local company that sold this product so I looked on the internet by typing in the words “ME Backfriend”. Numerous sites came up on the search results and I first went to the one that said “Welcome to ME Design Limited, Home of Backfriend”. This site (http: //www. medesign. co. uk/) opened with a blue page showing some pictures of various health products, including a picture of the Backfriend.

It was not possible to click on the picture to find out more, so I clicked on a tab at the bottom of the home page, which said “Products”. This took me to a page with several pictures of the products, and here I was able to click on the photograph of the Backfriend and it came up with another page. There was another photo of the Backfriend, this time with a man sitting in it in a car seat.

Next to the picture it said “The Backfriend is a combined backrest and seatbase. In What Car magazine’s opinion ‘the MEDesign Backfriend is the only one we recommend. It can make a bad seat good’. ” The price was given as £45.96.I was about to leave this page, thinking that this was not enough information, when I saw a link that said “Click for details”. This took me to a page which was concerned only with the Backfriend, and I found out everything I needed to know here, including the size and weight of the seat, and everything that it is used for and the reason why it helps to prevent back pain.

The one thing I could not find, however, was the cost of postage. I was concerned that postage might be very expensive. I tried to find out the cost of postage by placing the item in my basket and clicking on the “Checkout” link, and then selecting my country’s name from a list of many countries. However, this merely led to another page asking me for my credit card details.

I then saw a tab at the top of the page which said “Ordering”, so I clicked on it. Another page appeared, and halfway down this page it said, “International delivery: We deliver worldwide - please contact us for specific delivery costs”. I decided to leave my search of this particular site for the time being, and I returned to the original search results page.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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