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The rapid rise in global warming, sea level rising, and the amount of consumable water depleting is a concern for all economy. The growth of concept of environment and climatic changes through different structure which has increased the role of both government and private bodies has increased the development of new rules which look towards mutual benefit of most. World organizations have played a pivotal role in this regard. This paper presents the manner in which the concept of environmental pollution has grown in Australia and the manner the government has framed different rules and legislation to ensure that environmental harm is contolled.

It has grown the role of the different stakeholders, government and private bodies so that they can work together so that the mutual goals are achieved. This paper further dwells on the different factor which affects community and the manner it has to be dealt so that better environment can be developed which will help to preserve the environment. Community today is looked as an area where public, government, service providers, leaders and business contribute towards the well being of the society so that the common goals and objectives can be achieved in the most productive manner (Munar, 2012).

This includes looking after the older people, ensuring inclusion of all community, ensure proper decision making and garnering the required flexibility so that the larger section of the society can be looked into. This will help to make rules and legislation which will ensure better environment for the community. The Australian government has altready taken steps in that direction and the development of different rules like The National Pollutant Inventory (NPI), the National Greenhouse Energy Reporting act (NGER) and the Carbon Tax will ensure that the environment is looked after (BCA, 2008).

I agree to the fact that community has to play a larger role as they can transform the manner in which environment is looked after and will help to preserve the world for a large period of time. The Australian government on their part has started with the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme with the aim to reduce emission. The government has set a cap and will work towards those and ensure that it’s below the limits.

The government for this scheme has developed the overall initiative looking into different areas. The scheme will yield better results if recycling is also looked into seriously. The Carbon Reduction Pollution Scheme started by the Australian government is an initiative to reduce carbon emission. “The scheme starts in 2011 with the prime mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”. (DAFF, 2010) The government to ensure that emission levels fall have taken “commitment to reduce it by 60% by 2050 of 2010 level”.

(DAFF, 2010)Government and private partnership is vital for environmental programs and effective development of the community as the different stakeholders is able to understand their role and contribution (Dodds and Marion, 2005). This requires empowerment and involvement from all the stakeholders so that they are able to understand their role and contribute towards the environment by reducing the harm that is done on the environment. With millions of computers being dumped is adding to the worries of the government as green house gas emission is rising. It is estimated that “1.6 million computers is dumped every year which is giving rise to emission”.

(Television Recycling, 2009) With the government looking forward to look ways to control recycling electronic equipments is a way out. Since, the electronic equipments are the biggest contributor so reducing those is a must. I also feel that it will help to reduce the amount of environmental pollution as increased use of products which can be recycled will help to ensure that the environment is supported and the overall human world is preserved.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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