Essays on Assignment Two (Application Of An Ethical Perspective) Assignment

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Application of an Ethical PerspectiveAbstract: Today we see a majority of the participants are inexperienced and uneducated so they must combine and engage in adult education in order to acquire a professional qualification and skills in their professional fields. Involving them in adult education will not only build their personality but also it will bring a drastic change their way of life. Since the main intension is to educate the people who are uneducated so the staff and planers of such educational institutes must be fully equipped with all the learning trends and theories that include the cognitive, psychodynamic and social-societal dimensions of learning.

(Brookfield, 1986, pg 20)Adult learning concept is frequently addressed to adult educators were likely to be separate domain which have slight association with childhood learning or adolescence learning. This paper will scrutinize decisively this allege by exploring few major research areas. These are two targeted areas like critical reflection and, Independent learning which will be discuss, all the problems, suggestions relevant to these areas will be discuss in brief. Practical learning and learning to learn are the other two major areas, they are being used more frequently today, all the properties and significance of these areas will also be discussed in details.

Each of these has been projected as representing unique and special adult learning processes. (Brookfield, 1991, pg 39-48)This paper aims to define a contemporary policy initiative, ethical theory and the entire related trend in adult and vocational education. While making my attempt to develop an exclusive theory of adult learning, I will follow a sequence of arguments that together will bind the required discussion. I will take a start by building a strong case that will examine the concept of adult learning and vocational education across the lifespan.

Then I will take a brief look on the issues and problems across the ethnicity and all relevant personality and political ethos in adult learning and vocational education. I will also put a critical discussion on these areas. Further I will elaborate all the areas of adult learning and in addition to the issues. Finally, I, before conclusion will add a segment of critical assessment that will help all the adults in finding out themselves and also the concept and ethics of adult learning.

Adult Learning and vocational education: This quotation is by the Cranton, who states in his book Understanding and Promoting Transformative Learning that “Perspectives on adult learning have changed dramatically over the decades. Adult learning has been viewed as a process of being freed from the oppression of being illiterate, a means of gaining knowledge and skills, a way to satisfy learner needs, and a process of critical self-reflection that can lead to transformation. The phenomenon of adult learning is complex and difficult to capture in any one definition. " (Cranton, 1994, pg 3)Well, these are the general comments from the folks, yet an additional aspect of adult education is that is difficult to define.

Discussion on adult learning is an extremely vast topic the information in above paragraph may not be able to justify with all the concepts that has been presented on this issue. (Brookfield, 1986, pg 47)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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