Essays on Challenging Aspects of a Hotel Receptionists Job Assignment

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The paper "Challenging Aspects of a Hotel Receptionist’ s Job " is a perfect example of a business assignment.   Knowing how to treat customers irrespective of their personality is one of the major challenges as a receptionist, this case study reveals that conflicts can always erupt in a hotel and hence demanding high level of integrity. Dealing with abusive clients is another challenge that a receptionist must be prepared to face in his or her daily chores. Mr. Patel case reveals how some customers can easily get out of hand to the extent of demanding what they don’ t deserve and also avoiding payments.   Maintaining patients is also another challenging factor when tension rises in some situations; this was evident when Mr.

Patel caused havoc in the hotel by yelling, demanding the elimination of payment and even using abusive language. Maintaining a high level of self-control in such situations is also another challenge of being a hotel receptionist. Another challenge is maintaining servility while being subject to tense situations as Mr. Patel subjected the staff in the case study.   In order to deal with these challenges, a hotel receptionist should have the following personal traits.

He or she should be knowledgeable about how the company works, have good interpersonal skills and also able to anticipate the needs and the challenges way ahead of time. These traits are essential as they equip one with the necessary skills that should come in handy when faced with a situation like the one identified (Kusluvan 2003, p. 121). . Identify three precautions that the hotel took to prevent the conflict from escalating. 3maks 128 The hotel three major precautions in order to prevent the conflict from escalating, the initial step that the hotel took in order to curb conflict escalation was avoiding arguments with Mr.

Patel and instead awarded his request that he demanded using an experienced staff who was better positioned to handle the case. The second measure that the hotel took in order to avoid conflict escalation was considering waiver for a portion of what Mr. Patel had consumed including his demanded discounts. The management considered the waiver in order to allow Mr. Patel to get out of the hotel without further trouble making.

The third notable precaution that the hotel management took in order to avoid conflict escalation was standing by the decisions of the receptionist and reaffirming that she was only following the rules of the hotel (Kusluvan 2003, p. 123). Explain whether you believe that staff should put up with Mr. Patel’ s verbal abuse, because of the slogan ‘ the guest is always right’ In the hospitality industry, there are challenges related to the guests who visit the hotel for their services. As usual, there are varied behaviours of people and thus the clientele and the responding staff of a hospitality company similar to this case.

Notably, while it is anticipated that the customers and the receptionist staff will discharge their duties diligently, there are situations where the customer brings unwanted behaviours in order to sidestep some charges or gain some unfair discounts from the company. Notwithstanding, it is the duty of the staff to learn their customer's behaviours by anticipating them from the first day when they book for their hotel reservations (Getz, Carlsen, & Morrison 2004, p. 25).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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