Essays on The Myth of Market Share Assignment

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  The paper "The Myth of Market Share" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Assignment. A staffing plan is termed as a framework that sets out to control and screen the costs of human capital while at the same time ensuring that there is a base to help in the decisions making process in the organizations (Armstrong & Greene 2007). Coaches and mentors make use of a number of strategies to motivate the employees and maintain to take an organization towards the productivity lane (Goldstein & Lee 2005). Therefore, companies need to make use of coaches and mentors who are honest with the employees and those who have an interest in improving the situation in an organization.

The strategies that Houzit can make use of include the setting up of goals and aim at rewarding the employees in instances when they perform exceptionally. By setting the goals, the employees will be provided with definite aspects to work on and this will have the potential of increasing the productivity in Hauzit. Through the use of coaches and mentors, the goals created will be timely, specific, measurable, relevant and attainable.

Rewards, in this case, will play an essential role in motivating the workers. As the employees at Houzit attain their goals and make improvements with respect to their performance and offer room for constructive criticism (Goldstein & Lee 2005). The process that Houzit needs to apply that is coaching and mentoring calls for a number of resources aimed at accomplishing the objectives and ensure that the operation is a successful one. The success of this process will be based on the effective use of the resources.

One of the major resources that are needed is the human capital (Armstrong & Greene 2007). This is the most useful resource and this needs to be taken care of through effective coaching and mentoring. Another resource that is essential is money to ensure that coaching and mentoring will take place without being interrupted. In addition to the above-mentioned resources, time is another resource that will be used and every available time ought to be used in the most effective way. In this regard, the resource-based view will be used so as to assess both the tangible and intangible resources in the firm are being utilized in the most effective manner so as to achieve the anticipated marketing outcomes. Feedback is an essential aspect in all areas and in this regard employees need to be offered feedback so as to know their performance and areas that they need to improve on as they try to achieve the stated goals and objectives.

In this regard, the feedback will be offered through the use of the various mediums. For instance, the employees will be informed of the progress made and the level of achievement they have made through the use of memos and meetings.

Through the meeting, they will be permitted to voice their opinions and the level of improvement that has made so far (Armstrong & Greene 2007). Thus, they will be aiming at achieving the sales levels and a great market share as proposed by the board of directors of Howzit.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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