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The paper “ Australia Fruit Cooperative Ltd - Marketing Plan to Launch Organically Produced Fruit Juices” is a  persuading example of a case study on marketing. The Australia Fruit Cooperative Ltd which is an established player in the food processing industry in Australia for over three decades has recently ventured into New Zealand in keeping with its expansion plans of further entering and exploiting the vast potential offered by the market in organically produced fruit juices in the region. The market for this variety of fruit juice is fast expanding worldwide with the maximum present demand from North America and European countries.

However, its popularity is fast increasing due to the fact that more and more people are becoming health conscious in developing countries also. Hence there is immense growth potential in this market segment. The company has its corporate office in the prime business district of Wellington and has its production facilities in a large ten acres plot of industrial land on the outskirts of the city. The company understands that building customer relationships are a necessary condition to succeed in this area and believes in protecting the interests of the general public as also of the environment and nature. The company believes in strategic planning to achieve its longterm objectives.

Its main objective is to frame a plan of action so as to suitably identify the target market and to develop a marketing plan to meet the requirements of that market. It has framed for itself the mission that within 5 years New Zealand will have the best quality of indigenously produced organic fruit juices with the widest range of flavors available at the most competitive prices.

The company is very clear about the sales figures to be achieved through its marketing activities, and the entire process is well ingrained in every member of the sales team who well understands their objectives and is all set to achieve their predetermined sales targets. An ambitious target has been set by the company to achieve a turn over of $ 50 million by the end of the third year of its presence in New Zealand. Not to mention that this strategy is formulated only after thorough research and in-depth study has been carried out regarding the basic fundamentals to conclude about the capabilities of the company and its people. Situation AnalysisThe size of the organic fruit juice market in new Zealand is presently not very large as compared to North American and European markets, but the future has a great store for this segment to grow at a very fast pace in view of the growing preferences of people to opt for organic food.

More and more people are now conscious of the fact that modern techniques of food production and its conservation make use of substances and chemicals that are harmful to humans and had till now been tolerated as a way of life in modern times.

This trend is now changing towards leading a better quality of life that is more close to nature and to natural products, which is precisely what organic foods and liquids offer in terms of their ingredients and production and processing techniques. The speed in such change is catching on fast, thereby implying that the market for organic fruit juice is going to increase in size by leaps and bounds.

The New Zealand per capita income is fairly high as compared to the rest of the world, and its people are health conscious and have a knack of doing things that bring them closer to nature. Sure, The Australia Fruit Cooperative Ltd has a great time ahead in terms of the potential for high sales figures for this product.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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