Essays on Benefits of doing Business in Saudi Arabia for an American Manager Assignment

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Although the world is referred to as a global village in the present age, yet there is a lot for an American manager to discover and learn once he steps out of America to do business in another country. While the culture shock may not be quite prominent or influential in the Western countries, the American manager may find it potentially challenging to adjust and do business in certain Eastern and Arabic countries. People of a non-American country share similar cultural norms and values, thus making an American feel like an outsider assuming immense potential to offend the native people intentionally or otherwise.

This paper discusses how it would help an American manager to do business in Saudi Arabia. The situation of law and order is quite strong in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is among the countries where very few cases of theft and robbery are reported. Crime rate in Saudi Arabia is significantly lower than what it is in most of the American metropolitan areas (US Department of State, n.d. ). An American manager would love to do business in a country with a low crime rate, as it enhances the chances of the American manager to adjust in the society and do a profitable business there.

Saudi Arabians have a lot of respect and regard for the Americans in general. The US has very important and enduring relations with Saudi Arabia (Pollack, 2002). The governments of the two countries have been involved in trade and business for a considerable time, which has so far, proved economically feasible and mutually beneficial for both the countries. People of the Saudi Arabia realize this and would love to do business with an American manager, especially because they have an impression of the Americans as technically competent and skilled in the use of latest technology.

These general perceptions of the Saudi Arabians about the Americans go in favor of an American manager who wants to do business in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has a strong economy. Rates of things are usually very stable and do not alter as dramatically as they generally do in the underdeveloped countries. This makes it safer for an American manager to start a new business in Saudi Arabia as the rates of materials and resources can be fairly estimated and the risk of inflation and alterations in the prices is very low.

This leads to accurate estimates in the start of the business and profit-making along the way. The tax-free salaries and the end-of-Service benefits are potentially convincing factors for an American manager to work in Saudi Arabia (Working in Saudi Arabia, 2008). Concluding, Saudi Arabia is a country with fairly low crime rate. The people of Saudi Arabia see Americans with respect, and consider them competent.

The general perceptions of the Saudi Arabians about the Americans and the stable and strong economy of Saudi Arabia all make it convenient and reasonable for an American manager to start a business in Saudi Arabia. Most importantly, Saudi Arabia and America have traditionally enjoyed very good relations and no significant political upsets have been reported in the past. References: Pollack, J. (2002). Saudi Arabia and the United States, 1931-2002. Middle East Review of International Affairs. 6(3). Retrieved from http: //meria. idc. ac. il/journal/2002/issue3/jv6n3a7.html. US Department of State. (n. d.).

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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