Essays on Project Purpose and Rationale Issues Assignment

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The paper "Project Purpose and Rationale Issues" is a perfect example of a Management Assignment. Scenario review. The project is a simulation of Max Lionel Realty. It, therefore, deals with the real estate sector to facilitate the buying and sale of land as well as land. The case presents such policies as WHS policy, anti-discrimination, and procurement policies. The policies are based on the Australian labor legislations and are generally applicable to the entire built environment. The case recommended procedures are the ones that encourage transparency, innovation and cost economy. Besides, all the procedures must abide by national and local legislation.

Project BriefProject purpose and rationaleRenovation of homes before resale are vital for maintaining the home values as well as the customers’ satisfaction. Project TitleMax Lionel Realty Home Renovation. Project purpose. The renovation of homes before their resale will increase their value, durability, and habitability. It is also important in increasing customer satisfaction as well as creating a good image of the firm. Background and planned framework. The completion of this project will build goodwill as well as the reputation of the firm as an integrity center.

It is part of the innovative practices of Max Lionel RealtyPriorityThis Project is important to the organization because of the increase in sales related to the innovative houses.   The project entails renovations of houses before resale. The project must run within Max Lionel Realty’ s determined timeline and budget. The project manager must also involve Max Lionel Realty’ s executive management from the commencement to completion. The project must also demonstrate the company’ s corporate responsibility by operating within the national regulations and legislations of the built environment.

The standards practices of project administration and documentation must also be followed. The house renovation project scope includes two major activities. The first activity is the replacement and refurbishment of fittings and furniture to give the houses a new look. This activity will be followed by floor re-carpeting and repainting of the walls. The project scope is outlined in the figure below. Additional documents. Documents for discussion with the Operations General manger. The documents requiring discussion with the Operations General Manager include the project budget, the work breakdown structure and the Gantt chart.

The project budget is important as it approximates the overall financial flow associated with the project. The work breakdown structure provides the overview of the work categories that would be attended in the project. Moreover, the Gantt chart shows the time distribution of the project activities. Additional documents that can make the project a success include the feasibility study, project charter, procurement plan, and the business case justification. The project feasibility study document gives business case data. On the other hand, the business case justification derives its content from the feasibility study, project assumptions and user requirements.

Additionally, the project charter is a statement of the user’ s problems and goals, schedule, and benefits of the project. Furthermore, the procurement plan of the project provides the guidelines for resource acquisitions of the plan.   of the project provides the guidelines of resource acquisitions of the plan. Project deliverables. The project is categorized into several milestones. The project milestones are marked by the house's renovation commencement, preparation, implementation, regulation, and adjournment. Project stakeholders. The project stakeholders include the internal staff involved in management, planning, and execution. It will also include the prospective customers who will purchase the houses upon the completion of the renovations. The project activities will be determined through various roles under which the responsibilities will be placed.

The figure below is the list of roles and responsibilities as well as names of the people representing them. Relationship of the project with systems and activities of the company. This project relates to several aspects of the company, namely: The strategic aims of the company to become a preferred provider of cheap housing. The company’ s practice of reducing the budgetary constraints in its business. The project also relates to the company’ s endeavor of increasing its market presence. Resources and access to resources. The resources needed for the house upgrade project include paint, tiles, fittings, furniture and electrical systems.

Other resources include water, power and security systems. Access to these resources is achievable through the project procurement plan and practices. Project management tools. The project management tools required for this case include MS OneNote (for note-taking), Azendoo (for project team management) and MS Office (for a wide variety of project office administration). Support of the team members.                       The team members need support on the use of information systems the team’ s information management.

The need arises from the application of new information system to help track the construction activities, costs, and progress. Also, the system enables efficient record keeping and project monitoring. The support is in the form of training and will take place two weeks before the commencement of the project as an auxiliary activity. During the training sessions, the team members will be given all the necessary machines to acquaint them with the relevant information management approaches. Project deliverables.

The major deliverables for this project include several milestones. In these milestones, various activities will be accomplished. These activities include: Doors replacements. Fittings replacement. Floor repairs. Kitchen remodeling. Sanitation facilities repairs. Power re-installation. Gate and security features.   The project milestones are marked by the house's renovation commencement, preparation, implementation, regulation, and adjournment. The commencement milestone starts where the project planning commences and is accomplished after the ratification of the project. House renovation project preparation starts with the creation of the project scope statement and is accomplished at the authorization of the development plan. Moreover, the implementation milestone starts with the commencement meeting and is accomplished at the end-user training phase.

The regulation milestone starts with the administration of the project and is accomplished through the appraisal of the management strategy. The whole project is completed in the adjournment milestone which starts with stocktaking and ends with the accomplishment of the record-keeping/documentation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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