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Budget Plan for Lion Air Budget Plan for Lion Air This is a budget plan that seeks to address immediate and middle level precedence, which entail continuing projects, initiatives in addition to the Lion Air business approaches. In order for Lion Air to continue with its efforts of remaining competitive and acknowledging the economic pressure of airline business, there is need to first conduct a budget management strategy that generates a decrease in the entire expenditure. This strategy entails reducing the provision of funds for the maintenance, advertising processes and management consulting costs or tool outlays (Katz, William, & Fraley, Ruth, 1988).

Over and above, there is a need to work on the company’s sustainability programs which is presently an international issue. In actual fact, there is need to put focus on four factors which entail, financial feasibility, functioning excellence, natural resources management and social responsibility. The main objective of this budget plan is to create a short term emphasis of Lion Air to a long term position and to advance its status. This entails improving the job specifications, descriptions and training programs for workers.

In addition to this, it is important to enhance the communication and boost interaction process with clients. Due to the fact that, flight delays and issues related to flight problems are a major concern in the Lion Air company, there is a need to improve the communication process. Over and above, it is imperative to boost the way flight attendants and the entire staff handle clients while on board and before boarding a plane. Many airlines in the world work in an environment attributed with financial uncertainties.

For instance, fluctuation of fuel prices, added capacity and reduced pricing power (Katz, William, & Fraley, Ruth, 1988). Airlines are taking necessary steps to decrease capacity and passenger loading factors are showing significant growth. On the other hand, most airlines including Lion Air will continue to be affected by these problems in the forthcoming years. A large number of carriers have limited financial capacity to take in the intricate business, economic or geopolitical distress. In order for Lion Air company to manage the forthcoming years of business, there is need to follow an appropriate budget plan. Socialization Announcement to Employees of Lion Air TO ALL EMPLOYEES OF LION AIR The management wishes to bring all employees on board as regards to the shift from the short-term focus to a long-term outlook aimed at improving the reputation of the organization.

There is need to put focus on the customer satisfaction revitalization plan for the purpose of improving customer expectations and the ever changing airport experience. Additionally, the company finds it necessary for continuous evaluation of passenger satisfaction on a continuous basis which leads to an increasing customer satisfaction pattern.

Pilots and flight attendants will be taken through intensive training. This is amid a reintroduction of apt measures of recruiting only highly qualified members of staff which include pilots and flight attendants. Rules and regulations that ensure that everything runs smoothly will be put in place and further enforced. The flight attendants in actual fact will be required to respond quickly to customer complaints with great detail and correct or valuable feedbacks. Lion Air finds it necessary to employ contemporary technological tools and buy new planes in order boost the image of Lion Air Company.

Above all, introduction of improved add-on services on air will be introduced to ensure that customer comfort and satisfaction is met. Consequently, the company wishes to continue enhancing the customer service management through amongst other things making announcements in advance during instances of Lion Air-haul delay. The company looks forward to your cooperation. Lion Air Management. References Katz, B., William, A., & Fraley, Ruth, A. (1988). Finance, budget, and management for reference services. New York: Haworth Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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