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Manchester United PLC BackgroundManchester United is one of the leading Premium League clubs in the world. It has won many titles in the football competition making it to be the most successful club in the Football League. In fact the club is the richest and the most successful in the world. They won several trophies in the late 1990s i. e. 1994 to 2003 but Chelsea Club FC took their title in 2005/2006. The success of this club is contributed by the good management of Sir Alex Ferguson who has been the manager since 1986 when Ron Atkinson left.

The manager made a very big announcement on 21st Feb 2010 giving his strong relationship with Rooney. He further emphasized his hunger for success that it would ever remain strong. He confessed all these when he was interviewed during the relaunch of the ‘observer’ magazine (Barthold, 2009 p 37) IntroductionThe football industry in UK has become popular because of the first successes in the industry, an attribute that made it a viable business. The main aim of this report is to analyze the SWOT and PEST analysis of Manchester United.

From this analysis, it will be possible to identify both the internal and external strengths of the company. SWOT analysisThis is a tool which is mostly used when making decisions on strategic planning and solving problems in an organization. SWOT analysis has been used to determine the competitive advantage of this company. Furthermore, the SWOT analysis has been used to design the strategic planning of the club and also as an instrument utilized as organizational problem solving. Through this tool (SWOT), the Manchester United club is in a position to identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

This analysis is very important as it will help the club to know the factors which has made it to excel as well as identify the strategies to be used in areas of weaknesses in the club. Additionally, carrying out a SWOT analysis has enabled the company to identify its opportunities so that they can maximize on it and improve their performances whenever they are playing. The following SWOT analysis will be used by Manchester United (Manchester United.

2008, p 47)StrengthsThe key strength of Manchester United is their well recognized brand all over the world, getting heavy advertisement through all sources such as the internet, TV and magazines. This massive advertisement has made the club to get various sponsors. This means that whenever the company raises any merchandise in the market, indicating their name and symbol, it will be identified by its funs all over the world. Because of this, the team is focusing on attaining what the fans and the consumers wish for. Strength of the club is the presence of a big fun base which has improved the financial stability of the club.

This big fun base has made a very high purchase figure whenever the tickets are being sold. Furthermore, Manchester United has various distribution channels which enable it to deliver new products introduced into the market. Furthermore, these channels can be used by the Manchester United to obtained feedback from the market concerning their products and performances.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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