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Question 320Class Diagram20Question 421Design Class Diagram21Bibliography22SECTION 1Executive Summery This report will present a detailed analysis of the system development for the BOTANY BAY SURF LIFESAVING Club. Here I will try to analyze and design the system that will provide the services regarding the management of the information and data for the Botany Bay Surf Lifesaving Club. Introduction In this age of modern technology the development and implementation of the Business Information System for every organization is really necessary. Information system provides a great help regarding the management and handling of the business information and data.

Botany Bay Surf Lifesaving Club management has decided to develop and implement a new system that will manage and record all events regarding Botany Bay. This system is going to enhance the overall working power and Bay handling. Analysis of problem/Problem Situation The old working system is manual. The management of the overall data and its handling is really difficult through that system. Here we have paper based working environment that demands heavy duplication and extra resources for the data saving and handling. Here we have no current availability of information and working status at all centers.

Purposed System The purposed system will be a digital and automatic system for the management and handling of the Botany Bay Surf Lifesaving Club. This system will provide the effective data storage and retrieval against and database query. Here new system will comprise the following modules of the data: Club membersFinance committeeLifesaver memberMembersEvent roster Scope This new system for Botany Bay Surf Lifesaving Club will provide an enhanced working and management structure. This will be a complete databases system for the Botany Bay daily events and working.

This system will record the activities on the beach, records of the lifesavers, record of any incident on the beach and beach management record. Through this system Botany Bay Surf Lifesaving Club will effectively manage and handle the overall working data and daily record of the beach events. Through this record the overall management of Botany Bay will become easier and efficient. Main Features of System In the purposed system we will demand the following given system features regarding its feasibility regarding overall working and handling of the organization: Simple navigation systemIn this scenario we have tried to make the system easy to navigate among the different system section and modules.

ConsistentWe have made the system consistent throughout the development. This consistency is regarding the system interface design, cooler scheme and navigation criteria. Keep the interface and content clear and simpleWe have tried to make the system easy to use. For the clarity of the overall contents of the system is really essential. These make the system easy to use, handle and manage. Effectiveness The system development is providing the better user support and functionality regarding the better system calculations and assessment.

In this scenario we have tried to implement the accurate system calculations regarding the assessment of the transactions. Reliability The implementation of this system is more reliable because the development of this system has followed strict way of system testing and assessment.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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