Essays on Enhancing Efficiency of Community Workers Allowance - Centacare Cairns Case Study

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The paper "Enhancing Efficiency of Community Workers Allowance - Centacare Cairns " is a good example of a business case study.   This Business Case on enhancing the efficiency of community workers allowance will propose options to the Management of Cairns’ Centacare to solve the current limitations in the ICT solution to support the effective and efficient payment scheme of community workers to improve services provided to disadvantaged groups in the Australian community of Cairns, Queensland. Therefore the document will give detailed costs, benefits and the risks that various options bear (Home 2014).

Moreover, there will be additional information to support the preferred way forward from the options discussed. Introduction Centacare Cairns is a charitable organization that provides social services to the people of Cairns, extending to the wider region of North of Queensland, particularly to those who are disadvantaged, vulnerable or marginalized within the community. Its vision is to enhance the community that is healthy and connected which supports and reflects equality, dignity and participation of all its members. Through its Christian support, assistance and care, the community aims at restoring the balance in each individual’ s life in the community.

In doing so, the organization will be acknowledging the deep relationship of the Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people to the country. Furthermore, it will be acknowledging and respecting the custodians of the past and the present cultural history: the Gimuy Yidinji, the Kuku Yelangi, the Yirri-jandi and the Guru Gula Gung-Gand-ji and their ancestry (About US 2014). Over time, it has been noticed that the number of people wishing to register with the organization to provide the services to the community has been declining. In a bid to respond to this problem, the organization proposes that the current community workers allowance scheme be extended.

It is because, according to the recent internal reviews and external reviews, the community members and the scope of the coverage of the community’ s services have increased tremendously. This puts pressure on the ICT department to change its policies to cope up with the emerging trends and circumstances. It should be mentioned that of late, in an attempt to solve the situation, the Community Worker’ s sector has been making some critical changes to its business operations.

However, these have resulted in some operations functioning semi-autonomously and regionally inconsistent. Consequently, there have been high costs of labor, lack of agility and stresses in changing environment among other issues. For the effective management of the implementation of the Community Workers Allowance Scheme, so that the objectives of meeting the needs of the community can be assured, Centacare should revise its service delivery model so that data are collected electronically, to enhance earlier and sophisticated processing of payments. Nonetheless, the movie should be in line with the client’ s expectation when interacting with the organization online. The Current Problem Centacare’ s community workers play very important roles in meeting the needs of the vulnerable groups, but the current payment administration system is causing many of them to quit or reduce the number of hours they have to work at the organization.

Taking into account that many families are increasing, due to immigration and expansion in the area of service coverage, the organization’ s services may not reach many of the needy citizens. Therefore as a measure to address this issue, the office of Executive Director of the Centacare Cairns has proposed the introduction of a new efficient allowance scheme to retain the existing community workers and attract others as workers and volunteers in the organization (Chamorro-Premuzic 2013).

In this regard, all identifications, reporting, verifications and payments will be processed electronically.


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