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ASSIGNMENT Negative feedback letter: Dear Madam, I am writing to specify my discontentment with the service I received at your I bought a PC from your company a few months ago and it turned out to be quite efficient. Although, in recent times the processes have started slowing down. Some programs have stopped responding with the same speed and even freeze at times. I took my computer to one of your specialists and he refused to me on taking in the PC for fixing the problem. Michaels was his good name. He rejected checking the computer since the problems did not occur at the time of purchase.

He argued that it was the end of his shift although I only wanted to know the reason behind the dysfunctionality of my computer. I had to take my computer to a technician downtown. The technician fixed my computer in ten minutes. I suppose your employee is not working in his full potentials and this causes time to your customers like me. Sincerely, *insert name* Positive feedback letter: Dear sir, I am writing this letter to tell you about one of your employees who I am very grateful of. I would like to appreciate Micheals.

He has provided me with excellent and efficient service and I would like to compliment you because of this. Mr. Micheals helped me in figuring out my account properly as there were many unauthorized and illegal attempts made over the deposit of my account. I have always returned home with complete satisfaction received from your branch. The professionalism and expert opinions of Mr. Micheals have always helped me in reaching the complete depth of the issues with my account.

The false balance of my account has always been corrected accordingly. The ill charges are always dealt with well and my account has been in safe custodies always. Such type of service will always benefit your company and it will not be wrong to say that I will always prefer your bank over the rest. Sincerely, *insert name* Difference and similarities between the two: The difference between the two letters is that the letter for appreciating the employee is written in a flexible and gentler way.

While the letter for the complaint against the employee is presented in a rather harsh way. Although, both the letters are written in the same format. The letter in favor of the company along with the letter showing dissatisfaction with regard to the company are both straight forward and completely outline the disappointing and satisfactory actions of the employees. ASSIGNMENT 2.

Dear Students, We are writing this letter to provide awareness to you over selecting on different majors programs such as business management and marketing. Firstly, we believe getting a majors degree is very important for a student as the recent study has proven that around 75 to 80% in both, managing and marketing sectors of the economy prefer those candidates who hold a bachelors degree. Deciding on the course line you want to do your majors in can be a tough job and therefore, selecting is best done with using your imagination.

Imagine who you want to see yourself in, a position present among the most famous marketer or as a part of a good managing company. There is a list of jobs available for bachelor degree holders in both managing and marketing fields. For marketers the options include, a marketing manager, director of marketing, marketing specialist, marketing coordinator, marketing associate. While for those preferring management, marketing manager, sales manager, project manager, human resource manager and director of marketing are all the options that are wide open.

Moreover, the salary differences are not much as well as the average pay for marketing board members is $75,000 while for management professions it is $82,000. We believe you will make the right option for yourself by comparison between the two fields of business studies. Getting an overview is very important and therefore, do research with complete satisfaction. Both fields have excellent career building opportunities so you can choose anyone that you prefer.

But first, finish all your ambiguities. (Tilus, 2013) Regards. Reference: 1. http: //www. rasmussen. edu/degrees/business/blog/marketing-vs-management-which-major-degree-career Marketing vs. Management: Which Major, Degree and Career should you choose? Grant Tilus September 9, 2013

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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