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The paper "Business Environment Analysis - Boral Limited " is a perfect example of a business case study. Boral Limited has operations in Asia and the United States. However, Australia has maintained its attractiveness as a potential market for the construction and building industry. A number of developmental factors in Australia over the years have influenced the Australian business environment. Such factors include economic growth, social and cultural environment, financial environment, technological advancement and political environment. All these factors have the potential to influence and affect Boral Limited which has its operation in Australia.

The company will be affected in terms of profit generation and the costs of production. The analysis of the Australian business environment has established some higher opportunity scenarios that have the potential to affect Boral Limited operations in Australia. These opportunity factors include technological changes, Foreign Direct investment, social and cultural positive changes among others. The report makes some recommendations including entry into the international market which will boost the company’ s competitive advantage and increase its exports in order to overcome the risk factors in Australia. Introduction This report details the business environment in Australia where Boral Company operates.

Boral Limited is considered a multinational company that is specialized in building and construction materials. Boral Limited is founded in Australia. Australia is said to be the sixth-largest country globally and it is also one of the richest continents in the world with a high standard of living (Clayton, 2004). Australia has blessed natural resources and has improved with regard to exports and technology. Nevertheless, in terms of risk, Australia relies on commodities from China in order to sustain its growth rate.

Australia is said to be a mature democracy having a highly educated workforce and a stable party system (Clayton, 2004). This paper will highlight the changes in the Australian environment that affect the growth and profitability of Boral Limited.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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