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Business EnvironmentCollege: Name: Students ID: Date: Course Name: Unit Code: Time: Instructor: Task 1 (Sainsbury and Oxfam)Sainsbury is the leading supermarkets as well as retail-chain store operator in the UK. At present, the business operates more than 1,107 supermarkets as well as retail-chain stores. Sainsbury’s main purpose is to tender customers with safe, healthy, flavoursome and fresh food (Sainsbury 2014). Sainsbury is a public limited company (PLC) and is listed on the London Stock Exchange from where its shares are traded. Sainsbury’s main stakeholders include; Customers whose main desire is high-quality products that guarantees value for their cash.

Sainsbury therefore makes constant improvements that match the customers’ needs and value for their cash. The Government is concerned with the business running sustainable operations that are not against the law or threaten the citizens’ life. It also expects to collect taxes. Sainsbury has developed a sustainable development approach to its operations. Employees who have interest in the business as it is their source of income to support their lives. They care about their job security, a safe working place, promotions and rewards. One of the key values of Sainsbury is to offer a great workplace for the over 156,000 people it employs. Suppliers who look forward to constantly supply products to the business and be paid in time.

They too value their association with the business. The business has employed a supplier partnership link. Sainsbury’s ultimate desire is to become the most reliable retailer where persons find irresistible to work and shop. To make this dream true the business aims to smooth the progress of their customers’ lives and to do this their main responsibility is to tender quality products as well as services at reasonable prices (Sainsbury 2014).

To help them do this the businesses strategy relies upon five key values; To be the Best for Food and HealthTo Source with Integrity so as to minimise impact on the environmentTo Respect the Environment by doing the right thingTo Make a Positive Difference to the Community by supporting and helping themTo be a Great Place for Work to its employeesOxfam International is among the biggest charity organisations based in the UK. Oxfam coordinates about 17 organisations within a network of 90 nations worldwide. The organisation is mainly focused on alleviating poverty.

Its purpose is to facilitate the creation of permanent solutions to fight poverty. This is part of the worldwide need for change to empower citizens and craft a future that is safe, fair and liberated from poverty (Oxfam 2014). Oxfam is a charitable trust. The main stakeholders in Oxfam include; Employees who need to be in high spirits as they volunteer themselves to help fight poverty. The Government whose concern is to see citizens living conditions get better. It also expects the organisation to support the wellbeing of society. Local as well as International Communities on whom the activities of Oxfam impinge on.

The communities have a great interest in the organisation. Oxfam is therefore tasked with creating a world devoid of poverty. This is where persons are able to influence decisions affecting their existence. The people should be able to enjoy their rights and freedoms and be valued and treated the same (Oxfam 2014). To fulfil this responsibility Oxfam intends to;

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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