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Generally, the paper "E-commerce Industry - Amazon" is a perfect example of a business case study. This report presents e-retailing current and future opportunities by analyzing Pestle and Porter’ s 5 forces of the e-retailing industry with a focus on Amazon. E-retailing is growing rapidly worldwide changing. The retailing industry is affected directly by the political situation of a country in terms of rules and regulations governing internet usage in a country and policies. USA and EU economic conditions are not favorable, reducing the purchasing powers of consumers, while China, UAE, India and Pakistan consumers have increased purchasing power.

Social factors such as culture affect the operation of e-retailing. Some parts of the world restrict the internet due to ethical and religious factors. Social media is on the rise providing a new dimension of marketing. A business that is not willing to embrace technology will not survive online. Mobile phone apps have emerged and there is a need to protect customer information online to gain customer trust. Customers are likely to purchase products from a company that is concerned with the environment, therefore e-retailers need to embrace environmental concerns to ensure that they promote environmental sustainability in their operations.

International laws affect the operation of e-retailers and businesses should be aware of these laws, especially those that are used to open markets in the USA and EU. Threats of new entrants are relatively low because of low barriers to entry. The bargaining power of buyers is relatively high for buyers who purchase products from the marketplace and relatively low for Amazon Web Services (AWS) buyers. Threats of substitute products are high, supplier bargaining power is low while rivalry amongst existing firms is high 1.0 Industry overview The transformation of store and trade transactions has been purported by the expansion of the internet worldwide.

E-commerce is buying and selling products through the internet and is related to online shopping.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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