Essays on Asking for a Sponsorship for Photo Society Group Speech or Presentation

The paper "Asking for a Sponsorship for Photo Society Group" is a wonderful example of a speech or presentation on business. We are the Photo Society group of the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro and our goal is to help students in photography to become more successful in their studies.  This week, our group MTSU photo society will hold an off-campus demonstration and photography get together of long exposure photography. They will meet this Tuesday at 7:30 PM in the lounge area of the photography building to talk about long exposure and painting with light.  We will be working with moving light sources and explore the concept of time within the photographic image.  Consistent with this project, we have checked your website and examined the lights that your company offers and found to be extremely helpful in our project.  Upon examining the cost, we have to admit however that our present budget and financial capability are way below the price of renting your professional lights considering that we would need at least 39 flashlights.  In this regard, we would instead ask for your support and sponsorship by loaning us 30 flashlights of any kind that you have.  Our students will surely benefit from the quality and availability of your lights of which we and the community of Middle Tennessee State University will be grateful to you.  In turn, we will prominently display the banner of your company during the project to create awareness among the photography students of the Photo Society group of the Middle Tennessee State University.

The project is a new frontier in photography.  Unlike traditional photography where the goal is to capture still images, long exposure photography intends to create artwork through light photography.  It follows then that the flashlights that your company provides will come in handy and of tremendous help for us to explore light painting especially that they are of professional caliber. 

Long exposure photography or light painting is a new trend in photography which is also an opportunity for your company to explore in the near future.  This project presents a wonderful opportunity to showcase your flashlights in long exposure since your products will be used by the students of Middle Tennessee State University.  They will become aware of how your flashlights can make beautiful artwork in light painting with the prospect of purchase in the future.  Our role is to create initial awareness by posting your banner and acknowledging your sponsorship prominently.

I hope that you will find our project meaningful and mutually beneficial for you to grant our request.  Our gratitude in advance.