Essays on Apples Operational Challenges Case Study

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The paper "Apple’ s Operational Challenges" is a good example of a management case study. Apple is an international company that engages in the design, and the production of consumer electronics. There have been cases where the company has performed both positively and negatively according to the expectations. There have been incidents where the company criticized in the way it conducts its activities. In other areas, Apple has been standing out in the way it carries its operations to benefit the community in which it touches the lives of people positively. Three members founded Apple in the year 1976 where it has built itself to be one of the reputable companies in the world in dealing with consumer electrons.

Its brand remains to be one of the superior brands in the market throughout the world. In the innovation sector, Apple has been one of those companies that have been having taken into account the new trend in the market. It has gone ahead to be considered to be one of the companies with the best new technologies in the production of electronic devices.

The products meet the consumer needs which make them be of higher demand on the market. However, there are issues that remain outstanding in the way the operation of the company is done making it necessary for them to address. Some of these issues that are in context include working conditions and product recall. Working conditions at Apple Working conditions are the existing issues associated with the way the company relates to the people who associate with it including customers and employees. When we talk about working conditions we are referring to; managing quality, supplier responsibility, labor & human rights, offshore, ethics.

There have been problems presented in the event of trying to ensure all these are doing best on their own. The report is going to look into each of them and specify the problem that each factor has. Managing quality Quality is the ability of the products and services that are being provided by a given company can meet the required expectations of consumers. When it comes to the management of quality has been finding it difficult to ensure that it is met.

The difficulty faced is due to the fact there has been a dynamic change in the innovations and the expectations that are needed by the customers day in day out. Dynamic environment makes it necessary for the company to keep on adjusting its production to ensure that the consumer gets the desired product in the market. Production and constant change in the production procedures require extra costs which lead to the rise in production costs which are way far from the budget (Erick, 2010, pg. 2). Management of quality also requires a lot of research and a lot of customer feedback.

The research requirement presents a difficult situation for the company as the customers of Apple are found scattered all over the world something that makes it difficult for them to get the desired feedback. On the other hand, the changing dynamics in the market present a difficult situation when it comes to making decisions regarding the nature of the product to be produced in the market.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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