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TABLE OF CONTENTSList of tables and contentsAppendices A, B, C, and DExecutive summaryThis executive summary concerns a new business venture called Crystal Kahawa Inn. In the report, the business plan shows that Crystal Kahawa Inn’s location is outside University of Nairobi, in Kenya. It also intends to expand its business through various outlets and franchises and licensed outlets in different universities in the country. In the plan, there is a description of the rationale for the establishment of the business in the country, which includes satisfying clients’ needs in the hospitality industry.

Moreover, the report shows that Crystal Kahawa Inn will be start with an aim of providing high quality, reliable, secure, and affordable products to its all consumers. Clearly, the firm intends to acquire these objectives by employing members of staff who are highly motivated, committed, dedicated, and competent to work in the industry, and deliver quality services. Further, the firm is probable to flourish because hospitality industry is booming in Kenya. Besides, the availability of a diverse market for the products motivates its establishment. Additionally, Crystal Kahawa Inn is a limited liability business whose prosperity is dependent on competitors’ lack of knowledge of the low-income market segments.

Since the company assumes a linear management structure, its major staff comprises of general manager, customer service manager, human resource manager, finance manager, sales and marketing executive, and planning manager. As a result, the key operational departments include finance department, human resource department, customer service department, sales and marketing department, and activity planning department. Each of the departments will have highly qualified personnel who can propel the firm towards the attainment of its vision and mission.

In terms of the market environment, the plan shows that the firm might face stiff competition from already established brands in the country. These competitors include Galitos cafes, Java House, and Dolman’s Coffee House. There are other numerous coffee bars and houses in the city and across the country. Luckily, the firm will not have exit barriers. Nonetheless, the company will have entry barriers including government regulations and licensing. Its pricing strategy entails low pricing of products, and readjustments later when it is fully established. SWOT analysis demonstrates the company’s intention to offer high quality, reliable, affordable, and products; highly, qualified and dedicated personnel who ensure its full satisfaction of consumer needs.

Besides, the firm will provide lowly charged products, and has a strategic position. Nevertheless, the might have weaknesses, such as, high training costs, short marketing budget and seasonal fluctuations. Its opportunities include fast growing industry, available low-income segment, and high demand for the products, especially by students. In terms of threats, insecurity, economic downturn, recession, and political instability might affect the firm’s performance. The company sets to handle the threats and weaknesses by differentiating its products, preparing a slightly overestimated budget, conducting extensive market study, training its personnel properly to satisfy consumer needs.

The firm will also conduct extensive promotional and marketing campaigns to acquire and retain as many clients as possible.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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